Glamping with your dog

Do you like to go on a glamping holiday, but do you also like to bring your dog? That is certainly possible at Vodatent. It is possible to bring your dog to most Vodatent campsites. Your dog is, of course, also a fully-fledged family member. Discover the nicest campsites in Europe!


Glamping with your dog is ideal in a safari tent from Vodatent! The safari tent is ready for you upon arrival at the campsite. From the campsite you can walk straight into nature with your dog, so that he can immediately enjoy   

hot days by taking a dip in the sea when you choose glamping in Zeeland.

What should I bring while glamping with my dog?

There are no facilities for your dog in the safari tent. So it is good to keep this in mind. Things you could bring with you are: food and water bowl, basket, dog leash and poop bags. 

What rules apply at the campsite?

At the campsite it is the intention that your dog is on a leash, so that other campers who don’t like pets can also enjoy their stay. Each campsite has its own conditions and rules about walking and leashing your dog. Consult the website or reception of the campsite for this. Fortunately, you can walk directly into nature, so that your buddy can enjoy himself.


Glamping in the Netherlands with a dog

Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands. For example, you can go on beautiful bike rides with your dog in the hilly Achterhoek. Zeeland is also a great place for glamping with your dog. During a special seal safari you can spot seals on one of the sandbanks of the Oosterschelde. A long beach walk or a walk through the dunes with your dog is also a fun activity. With a safari tent from Vodatent, glamping in Zeeland with your dog is an ideal holiday!

Glamping in the Ardennes with a dog

It is also possible to take your dog for a glamping holiday in Belgium and Luxembourg. Get out and about in the Ardennes! In this wooded area you can walk or cycle for hours with your dog. There are also often rivers where your dog can take a dip. In addition, the area is rich in different culture. Visit nice cities such as Durbuy, Spa, Bouillon and La Roche-en-Ardenne. You can also discover the Ardennes in the culinary field. You can taste Belgian Trappist beer, and there are cozy little restaurants.