People with disabilities

Sep 15, 2023
Vodatent Tip

Are you looking for a campsite that offers assistance to people with disabilities? That's also possible at Vodatent! We search for the best options for you so you can fully enjoy your vacation. Tip: Check out our glamping tents!

For people with limited mobility

Many campsites have an additional extension to their tents, allowing wheelchair access to the safari tents. However, there are a few campsites where the safari tent is practically on the ground with just one step. Of course, the campsite staff is ready to assist if needed.

Assistance with showering

At Vodatent, we have Safari tents with sanitary facilities included or a private sanitary unit. This provides the opportunity to assist individuals with disabilities in showering or using the toilet. However, there are no support bars in the sanitary unit. Our tents with sanitary facilities ensure that those who need a bit more help can also enjoy privacy. This way, there's no chance of someone else from the campsite watching you.

Other facilities for people with disabilities

While a ramp is very helpful and private sanitary facilities are certainly an advantage, it's also nice if you can make use of other amenities. For example, some of our campsites have designated parking for disabled individuals and ensure that the reception is easy to access. If there's a campsite shop or restaurant, they often make sure that it's easily accessible for people with disabilities. However, it's a good idea to mention when booking that you or someone in your party has a disability. This way, the campsite can better prepare and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.