Travelling together with the dog

Dogs are welcomed guests at Vodatent safari tent. With over 200 safari tents where dogs are welcome, we always think about your loyal companion.

On holiday with your dog

When you go on holiday in one of the safari tents of Vodatent, in most cases your loyal companion is allowed to travel with you. Enjoy a lovely walk with your dog in the beautiful nature reserves of e.g. Drenthe or Noord-Brabant. You could also go for a dip in the sea or a swimming lake. When booking, you can indicate that you bring a dog with you. Therefore, you do not have to miss him/her whilst staying in one of our safari tents.  


Choose your accommodation 

Are you looking for simple accommodation or just the comfort of home with a kitchen?
At Vodatent you will always find an accommodation that meets your needs!   

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Bring multiple dogs on holiday?

Does your family not consists of one but two dogs and would you like to bring them both? Finding the right holiday address can be quite a challenge. However, given the personal services of our employees this is no problem at all. We like to think along with you.

Good to know

Do I have to pay extra for my dog? When you bring dog(s) on holiday, you have to pay €5, - extra per dog per night. Unfortunately, there are no facilities available for your dog at the accommodation. Things you should consider bringing are:

  • Feeding and drinking bowl
  • Basket or dog bench
  • A dog leash
  • Poop bags 

The journey

Before you arrive at your holiday destination, you first have to make the journey. Not all dogs like to travel by car, especially for longer distances. You like to travel comfortably and this also applies to the dog. Therefore, we have some tips: 

  • Just like humans, dogs can get car sick. Ask the vet on how you can best deal with this. 
  • Do not put your dog somewhere in a corner. Provide a safe place for the dog. 
  • Make sure to make an extra stop to go out with the dog to take a nice walk. 
  • Do not feed the dog just before departure, this is not recommended.
  •  Because we also like to have a drink every once in a while, this also applies to the dog.  

We are going to a Vodatent safari tent abroad

You can surely bring your loyal companion along with you to Belgium, France, Germany or any other European country. Just make sure that you have arranged the following things:

  • An identification chip
  • A European pet passport
  • A valid rabies vaccination (the dog is only allowed to cross the border after 21 days
  • Specific vaccinations may still be recommended for each holiday destination. Check out the website of the National Pet Information Centre for more information.  

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