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Information for leisure companies

Advice, guidance and assembly

Are you planning to purchase safari tents, but you don’t know yet which product is best for your business? We are happy to visit you to discuss your plans and help you make the right choices for your business. We can also take care of the building / breaking down of the tents or adding floors / furniture.

Selling tents and inventory

Vodatent is a total supplier of (fitted) safari tents. We deliver three standard models safari tents that we can customize to your needs. This applies to both the tent and for the equipment.

Rent-marketing program

Vodatent allows you to participate in our rental marketing program. In our program, we work with strategic partners to achieve the highest possible return on your safari tents.

Vodatent Safari Tents

Our tents have three components: the frame, the roof and the inner tent. The metal frame is powder coated delivered. The coupling pieces will be fastened with bolts to the tubes. You can choose with wich material you would like to work with for the tent roofs. Our tents are supplied 100% waterproof, washable polyester canvas (1.65 pounds / 1.20 sq.yd.) cloth. We can also supply a roof of PVC for a small fee. The inner tent is lined on the inside with soft linen and externally with 1.32 pounds / 1.20 sq.yd. canvas. All our tents are equipped with two sleeping cabins and windows on the sides and front. All windows can be opened and fitted with mesh. The front of the tent can not only be opened with the door. The closure in the middle of the tent can also be opened in its entirety. Our tents are available in the bottom three standard sizes. Customized, depending on the wishes and the number of tents is in consultation usually possible.


4-person safari tent

Decking Size: 13,78ft. x 19.69ft.  
Safari tent € 1999,-
Safari tent + equipment € 4999,-
Safari tent + equipment + floor € 5999,-
Assembly floor € 399,-

6-person safari tent

Decking Size: 16.40ft. x 23,95ft.  
Safari tent € 2499,-
Safari tent + equipment € 5999,-
Safari tent + equipment + floor € 7499,-
Assembly floor € 499,-

6-person safari tent XL

Decking Size: 17,39ft. x 29.53ft.  
Safari tent € 2799,-
Safari tent + equipment € 6499,-
Safari tent + equipment + floor € 8499,-
Assembly floor € 599,-


Check out the inventory of a 6-person safari tent
Do you prefer to buy the inventory only? Let us know through the contact page in which items you are interested and we will contact you.

Pay only 50% for a 6-person safari tent

Leisure companies which participate in our rental marketing program pay only 50% in advance. We settle the rest with the bookings coming from our rental-marketing program. So you need to finance half the price of the tents.

To participate in this program, it is important that you timely (preferably before the fall) order the tents. We try to add your company to our website as soon as possible after your order and on the websites / brochures of our booking partners.

Rent-marketing program

If you participate in the rental marketing program, we are committed to the highest possible yield / occupation. We have a growing group of regular customers who like to camp in a Vodatent safari tent each year. In addition, we, together with more than 20 booking partners, including for example work TUI, Roompot, Holideal and Emesa bring the safari tents to the attention of a a wide audience. The costs of participation are 500 per location per year plus 20 euros per booking. Only leisure businesses that are in possession of Vodatent safari tents, can participate in the rental marketing program.

Why safari tents?

This are no easy times for campsites!
Own camping equipment is becoming less popular. Fewer and fewer people have an AM license, would like to drive economically and opt for the convenience of an accommodation. Customers now opt for a hotel rather than for camping, 10 years ago it was the other way around. Through initiatives like Airbnb, there is more supply on the market, so the number of guests in campsites are dropping and prices are increasingly coming under pressure. Partly because of deal- and auction sites are fewer and fewer people willing to pay the price for a holiday and booking are made later in the holiday season because of attractive last minute rates.

Many campsites have struggled to get a high occupancy rate and see this decline in the total return of pitches. In our opinion, camping is not becoming less popular, but campsites must adapt to the market to continue to attract visitors.

Previously, visitors wanted a campsite with decent bathrooms and a swimming pool with a slide. Now people are looking for a campsite with good wifi and glamping.

We provide accommodations that have become increasingly popular in recent years and for a growing group, tents you can hire is the new standard. The big advantage of a safari tent with respect to a mobile home or chalet is that a safari tent is a lot cheaper to purchase as a permanent accommodation and this results in a better return on investment. Campsites that buy a safari tent with us earn it back within 1 to 2 years. With a fixed property it takes an average of about six years.

We work with several campsites in over 6 countries to increase the efficiency of pitches by placing fully equipped safari tents. All campsites which we work with get at least double the yield from a pitch.

If you we are interested in our safari tents, we would like to invite you to one of our locations where we rent our tents or in our office where we show you two models. Are you also interested in our rental marketing program? We are always happy to make an appoitment at your location.


Please call one of our references to ask how they experience our product, revenues and the cooperation with Vodatent.

Eurocamping Vessem (NL)
Ralf Driesen
0031 497 591 214

Camping site 2000 (CZ)
Jan Zonneveld
0042 048 51 79 621

Camping site Gorishoek (NL)

Emile Hirdes
0031 166 662 457

Holiday Park Walsdorf (LU)
Dirkjan van Berkum
00352 834464

Paasheuvelgroep Foundation (NL)
Dimitri Schenk
0031 577 411 556

Camping site Le Rotja (FR)
Wim van der Vlies
0033 468 965 275