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Safari Tents

Our Safari tents are equipped for six people. You will not have a lack of space quickly with the tents floor of approximatly  40 square meters and their high ceilings, enabling you to stand throughout the whole tent. The front of the tent can completely be opened, which is very pleasant during beautifull weather. In the back of our tents are two sleeping cabins, one has two bunk beds and the other cabin contains a double bed (140x200cm).

Each of our tent is equipped with a kitchenblock on wheels enabling you to easily move it outside to cook during nice weather. The kitchenblock is equipped with four gas burners that are thermally protected and in the cupboards underneath it you will find all the crockery needed to prepare a delicious meal.

An important feature of our safari tents is the canopy which enables you to relax outside even when the weather fails on you. Beneath the canopy stands a loungeset and in the living quarters stands a dining table with chairs which all can easily be moved.

Our safari tents are not equipped with sanitary facilities or running water however our tents are equipped with electricity and lighting in the sleeping and living quarters as well as beneath the canopy. The tents are also equipped with a refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle and a heater.

The safari tents are fitted with pillows and duvets. A set of bed linen can be booked (at most campsites) for € 7, – per linen set. The campsites also provide the possibility to book a baby kit, which includes a baby chair and cot, for € 2, – per set per night. Pets are allowed against a rate of €5,- per night

Our tents are, upon the day of arrival, ready for check in from 15:00 PM. Guests must leave the tents on the day of departure before 10:00 AM and can check out at the front desk of the campsites.


  • 1x dining table
  • 6x chair
  • 1x lounge set
  • 1x side table
  • 2x closet
  • 1x mobile kitchen
  • 1x heater
  • 1x refrigerator
  • 1x coffee machine
  • 1x water boiler
  • 1x gas stove
  • 1x power unit
  • 1x pendant light
  • 1x LED light cable
  • 1x double bed
  • 1x mattress 55×78 inch
  • 2x bunkbed 35×78 inch
  • 4x matrass 35×78 inch
  • 2x nightstands/lamp
  • 6x 1 person duvet + pillow
  • 1x Knife block
  • 2x peeler
  • 1x potato peeler
  • 2x serving spoon
  • 1x ladle
  • 1x spatula
  • 1x skimmer
  • 1x salad servers
  • 1x whisk
  • 1x cheese slicer
  • 1x can opener
  • 1x corkscrew / bottle opener
  • 1x scissors
  • 1x grater
  • 1x large cutting board
  • 2x small cutting board
  • 1x measuring cup
  • 1x colander
  • 2x big scale
  • 3x plastic containers
  • 3x pan coasters
  • 3x cooking pan
  • 1x sauce pan
  • 2x fry pan
  • 12x plates
  • 1x cutlery tray
  • 6x fork
  • 6x spoon
  • 6x knife
  • 6x teaspoon
  • 6x coffee / tea cups
  • 6x beer glass
  • 6x wineglass
  • 6x cups
  • 6x bowl
  • 1x washing up bowl
  • 1x ashtray
  • 1x broom
  • 1x dustpan and brush
  • 1x bucket
  • 1x trashcan
  • 1x clotheshorse
  • 1x clothespin basket
  • 1x jerry can
  • 2x coat rack

Frequently Asked Questions

Duvets and Pillows

Our safari tents are fitted with pillows and duvets. A set of bed linen can optionaly be booked for € 7,- *per set. If you choose to bring your own bed linnen please note that the double bed requires a fitted sheet of 140 x 200cm and that all of the duvets are single duvets.
*not available on the campsite Gronselenput, the rate for a set of bedlinnen at Centro Vacanze San Marino is €9 ,- per set

Surcharges and tax paid that are to be paid on the campsite

Vodatent applies the following rates at all campgrounds
€ 4, – per adult (13+) per night.
€ 2, – per child (4 t/m 12) per night.

This charge is an all-in rate and includes any additional costs such as electricity, gas and locally raised tourist and environmental tax as well as any other charges. Through applying these rates you will always know what the additional costs are at Vodatent so you will not get surprised by any additional costs. Children up to the age of four are free of charge.

Water and electricity

Our tents are not equipped with running water however we always ensure that there is a water tap near our tents. The tents are equipped with a jerry can with tab for water storage. All of our tents have electricity and lighting in the sleeping and living quarters as well as underneath the canopy. It is possible to use or charge a variety of electrical appliances. Most of the campsites are equipped with a power supply of 6 amperes which are not suited for appliances that consume a lot of electricity therefor devices such as a hair dryer or an electric barbecue are not suitable for use in the tent.

Toilet, shower or TV

Vodatent has chosen to preserve as much space as possible in the safari tents for living space. This means that there is no toilet or shower in the tent. We always make sure that our tents are within walking distance of a sanitary building at the campsite. Our safari tents are not equipped with a television.


All of the campsites allow pets. The fee for a pet is € 5, – per pet per night and needs to be payed upon arrival at the campsite.

Baby set

It is possible, while making the reservation, to book a baby set. The set consists of a baby chair and cot and can be booked for €2, – per set per night. The cot is equipped with a comfortable mattress but excludes bed linen.


Most of the campsites ask a deposit of €50,-*. After the Safari tent is checked and everything has been left behind complete and intact than the deposit will be paid back by the campsite to the account number that has been filled in on the check in form. Withholding and the return of the deposit is done by the cooperating campgrounds, if you have a question about your deposit please contact the campsite directly.

At Campsite Centro Vacanze San Marino a credit card number is asked instead of a deposit.

Checking in and out / directions

Our safari tents are ready for check in from 15:00 PM on the day of your arrival. You can check in with the received check in form (that is provided when you make a reservation) at the reception. On the day of departure we kindly ask you to check out before 10:00 AM. We ask this so that the campsite has time to clean up the tents. Since nowadays almost everyone has a navigation system, we do not give directions. On the campsite page of our website you will find the address as well as GPS coordinates of the campsites.

Payment terms

If you book directly at Vodatent you pay 50% of the rent and the administration and cleaning costs (€45,-) within two weeks after the booking. The rest of the payment is due 8 weeks before the date of arrival. Additional costs such as pet fees, bed linen etc. has to be payed upon arrival at the campsite. Vodatent cooperates with several booking partners, if you do not book directly with Vodatent the terms of the organization that you have booked with apply.

Terms and Conditions

Vodatent uses the Recron conditions.

Bring along suggestions

Below is a list of suggestions that are handy to bring along:

  • The campsites address and the addresses of people close to you (perhaps you want to send them a postcard?)
  • Checkin form (you will receive this with the final booking confirmation)
  • Medications, toiletry, sunscreen
  • Camera, a torch and chargers
  • Wallet and passport or IDcard
  • Spare key, spare glasses and sunglasses
  • Travel and health insurance papers
  • Adequate clothing for different types of weather
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Dish soap and brush
  • Garbage bags and cleaning wipes
  • Towels and bath towels
  • Some (board) games
  • Extra blankets (for cold nights?)