Glamping in Germany

Glamping in Germany is a combination of vibrant nature and beautiful cities. The hilly landscapes contain plenty of breathtaking places, which combined with an accommodation from Vodatent mean only one thing, a top holiday!


Which glamping accommodation does Vodatent have in Germany?

With Vodatent you can sleep in various glamping accommodations. For example, we have safari tents on almost all our campsites. Some of them even have their own sanitary facilities, so you don't have to walk to the toilet building at night. All our safari tents are fully equipped, such as beds, a kitchen, tables and chairs.

In addition to the luxury safari tents, there are also Sunlodges in Germany. All amenities are available here. The kitchen has a four burner thermally secured gas appliance, coffee maker and dishwasher. The bathroom has a lovely shower and there is a separate toilet.

Discover our campsites in Germany

Vodatent's accommodations are located at various campsites throughout Germany. The campsites are child-friendly, there are playgrounds, petting zoos and activities to keep the children entertained!

The facilities on the campsites vary widely, young and old are thought of. Want to float in the pool? Or to the restaurant to drink a delicious German beer? We offer the options, all you have to do is choose!


Enjoy glamping in Germany with Vodatent!

Glamping is enjoying camping without the disadvantages. As soon as you arrive at the campsite, your holiday can begin. Vodatent has safari tents and Sunlodges for the real camping feeling. The goal is to let you enjoy yourself, without all the worries of course. You can enjoy glamping in Germany with Vodatent!

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