Glamping in the Netherlands

What’s not to like about camping? When camping you can easily unwind by enjoying the fresh air and being close to nature. Nevertheless, there are also some minor drawbacks which you can experience during a camping holiday. Like, for example, the hassle of making sure you've packed all your gear and having to pitch up your tent. With a glamping holiday by Vodatent, those hassles belong to the past. Our accommodations are prepared for you in advance so that you can start your holiday immediately. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with the comforts of home.


Which glamping accommodations does Vodatent offer throughout the Netherlands? 

We have a wide range of glamping accommodations spread throughout the Netherlands. Most of our partnering campsites offer at least one of our safari tent models. All models come completely furnished, some models are even equipped with a private bathroom within the tent. This allows you to finally say goodbye to the nightly strolls to a campsites shared sanitary building! 

Discover our range of campsites throughout the Netherlands. 

Campsites collaborating with Vodatent all have proven to be of top quality and each offer something unique, ensuring that, throughout our range of campsites, there is something suiting your wishes to experience. Would you like to experience a glamping holiday near the Dutch shores and beaches? Or would you rather prefer to enjoy a tranquil stay at one of the cosy farm campsites.

All of the collaborating campsites are selected on being suited for children and therefor offer a variety of services and activities for young as well as old. Many campsites have a swimming pool so that you can easily cool off during hot summer days in addition to this you will find them equipped with playgrounds, petting zoos and many more. Most campsites offer a Wifi network for the (older) youth who aren’t entertained anymore by playgrounds and petting zoos. in addition to this many campsites have an (youth) animation team on their site, during the high season, which organizes all kinds of fun activities.


Enjoy your glamping holiday in the Netherlands

Glamping is enjoying the fun of camping without all of the hassles. Your vacation can start immediately upon your arrival. Vodatent has safari tents and unique skylodges providing the sought after camping feeling. For those who like to indulge in some more luxury while experiencing glamping be sure to check our mobiles homes offer. Enjoy glamping with vodatent!

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