Glamping in Italy

On holiday in Italy you can enjoy the surroundings, the weather and of course the food. If you book with Vodatent you can enjoy immediately upon arrival at the campsite. Your accommodation is ready for you and the holiday starts right away. Now you have to figure out what you are going to do during your stay.


Which glamping accommodations does Vodatent have in Italy

In Italy Vodatent has safari tents at various campsites. These safari tents are fully equipped such as beds, a kitchen, cutlery, plates, chairs and tables. Everything is ready upon arrival and from the veranda you can enjoy the campsite and the surroundings.

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The campsites that Vodatent offers are mainly aimed at families with children. There are various facilities and activities for the children such as a swimming pool, a playground, a craft club and, for example, a petting zoo. There are also regular activities for the youth and the elderly, such as a sports competition, a bike ride or a music evening. Something for everyone!

The landscape in Italy is also beautiful and there are beautiful cities to visit. You will not get bored easily during your stay at a campsite in Italy. 


Enjoy glamping in Italy with Vodatent

If you want to enjoy camping without the drawbacks, a glamping accommodation is a real solution. Upon arrival, the holiday has started right away and the enjoyment can begin. Book with Vodatent for the most diverse campsites in Italy. They have one thing in common: there is plenty to do for young and old! So you can enjoy glamping in Italy with Vodatent!

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