Rent a safari tent in Croatia

If you rent a safari tent in Croatia, you will enjoy a country full of nature, beautiful views and delicious food. There is plenty to see and do. You can all enjoy a nice meal on the beach with a phenomenal view of the water or take a walk through pure nature and be rewarded with a beautiful view. In short, Croatia is a country to enjoy and relax.

Really enjoying the country and the surroundings is combined with a glamping safari tent. Surrounded by nature and the freedom of your own place. Everything is ready for you upon arrival and the discovery can begin. 

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Surrounded by nature

In Croatia there is an abundance of natural beauty. From the beautiful coast to the highest peak called "Dinara". There is a lot of diversity to see such as wetlands, beautiful forests and waterfalls like you've never seen before. In addition, there are also many caves that are worth visiting.

There are a total of 8 protected national parks in Croatia, each with its own beauties. Krka National Park is known for its beautiful waterfalls and Risnjak National Park consists largely of forest and mountains. Despite Croatia not being a big country, there is plenty of nature to feast your eyes on. 

Activities galore

Do you not only want to go to Croatia to relax in your safari tent, but are you also looking for exercise? There is plenty to do! There are four water parks, such as the Aquapark Dalmatia, to cool down and have fun. You can also go diving in the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic Sea or take a canoe or kayak trip on one of the beautiful waters.

For the daredevils among us, it is also possible to go rafting on a raging river or make a bungee jump. Would you prefer to view the area from the air in peace? Then take a paragliding flight or slide down a zipline. Then it is time to relax together on the terrace of your safari tent in Croatia.


The flavors of Croatia

The cuisine of Croatia is characterized by its many flavors. There are many differences by region and Croats are proud of the culinary heritage they have. For example, you will find Italian influences in the field of pasta, Greek influences in the field of wine and Turkish influences in the dish "sarma".

Don't be afraid to try. In many places it is even possible to participate in a wine tasting or to order various snacks in a restaurant. Ideal to get to know the taste of Croatia.

The most beautiful beaches

Croatia has many breathtaking beaches. Some are even among the most beautiful in the world. Whether you are looking for a place that is a little more secluded and romantic or a beach for the whole family, you can find it all here. In the picture Brela you will find a 6 kilometer long coastline, where the water is shallow and therefore ideal for children. As the day progresses and the sun sets, you can get a delicious drink or snack at one of the bars or cafes.

Most of the beaches have a Blue flag. This stands for good seawater quality, safety and good service. During a day at the beach you only have to pay attention to each other and the beautiful surroundings.


Cycling, walking and relaxing

Discover Croatia directly from your safari tent by bike or during a walk. There are many paved, but also unpaved roads that are accessible to hikers, mountain bikers and the regular cyclists among us. Along the way you will see special landscapes that seem as if they came straight from a fairytale.

After a long active walk or cycle route, it is time for some well-deserved relaxation. Book a treatment in a wellness boutique and unwind completely. Then end the day in Croatia with a delicious glass of wine at the campsite at your safari tent.

Rent a safari tent in Croatia now at Vodatent

From your safari tent in Croatia you can enjoy the beautiful views. For example, surround yourself with nature during a long hike or go to the beach. In addition, there is a lot to taste in the culinary field. Croatian cuisine has influences from all surrounding countries. When you arrive at the campsite, the Vodatent safari tent is ready for you. You just have to unload your stuff and the holiday can start immediately. Our safari tents have everything you need, such as soft beds to sleep in, a terrace with a spacious awning to enjoy the surroundings and a kitchen to prepare delicious Croatian dishes. In short, in a Vodatent safari tent your stay in Croatia will be a real holiday!