Rent a safari tent in the Ardèche

Have you always wanted to visit the Ardèche but never taken the leap? Book a fully equipped safari tent now in one of the most beautiful departments of France. The nature here is breathtaking, and the climate is delightful. In fact, all the ingredients for a relaxing and invigorating vacation are here. Enjoy lovely walks, swimming, basking in the sun, and savoring the French cuisine. And what could be more relaxing than having your accommodation all set up and ready, so you can start enjoying it right away?

An unforgettable vacation in a safari tent

Renting a safari tent in the Ardèche with or without sanitary facilities

There are different types of safari tents available. Do you want a safari tent equipped with sanitation or without? There are a few differences. In the tent without sanitary facilities, there is a movable kitchen. This kitchen can be moved outside onto the terrace during warm evenings for outdoor cooking. However, there is no running water inside the tent with a movable kitchen. In the tent with sanitary facilities, there is a fixed kitchen with running water.

The second obvious difference is the sanitation facilities. In a safari tent without sanitation, you use the campground's sanitary facilities, while in a safari tent with sanitation, you have your own shower, toilet, and sink inside the accommodation. This provides you with the comfort of home in your own safari tent.

Renting a safari tent with a toilet or private sanitary facilities in the Ardèche

In addition to the two safari tent types mentioned earlier, there are more variations available. Some safari tents only have their own toilet. This can be especially convenient in the middle of the night so you don't have to walk around the campsite in the dark. These tents may have a fixed or movable kitchen, without running water, which can vary depending on the campground.

A safari tent with private sanitary facilities has its own shower, toilet, and sink, but they are located within walking distance of the tent. This can be right next to the safari tent or a few meters away. Here too, the presence of a fixed or movable kitchen can vary, and there is no running water.

Accommodations in Ardèche

Renting a safari tent in Ardèche from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully equipped and ready for immediate use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with awning. Some safari tents even have their own sanitary facilities so you don't have to walk to the sanitary building.