Glamping on a charm campsite

Charm campgrounds. You may have heard of them, but what exactly does a charmcamping entail? And what are the advantages of a charmcamping? Vodatent explains it all and who knows, it might be exactly the kind of camping you're looking for!

Charm camping what is it?

Camping in a beautiful place, surrounded by peace, privacy and surrounded by special environments, that's what charmcamping is all about. Therefore, to become a charmcamping, you have to meet certain requirements. They must meet the conditions of the ANWB and are also checked on this. A charmcamping accommodates 25 to a maximum of 200 guests and they must have green, spacious spots to stay on. The managers also excel in hospitality, attention and really take time for everyone. Charmcampings are also unique because they are always located in the most beautiful and idyllic places in and outside the Netherlands. A charmcamping is ideal for peace seekers and nature lovers.

The advantages of a charm campsite

Staying at a charm campsite brings many advantages. Think of the fact that you have more privacy. No busy campsite with hundreds of people everywhere, lots of noise and hustle and bustle, but peace and quiet, space and real interaction. Furthermore, charm campsites are located in the most beautiful places. Think of beautiful locations in a forest, in the mountains, by a peaceful river or on hilly paradises. Some charm campsites are even located in historic properties or plaques with dreamy views. At a charm campsite, time really is taken for you. Personal attention, a pleasant chat or a meal together are things that give that extra vacation feeling on a campsite.

What do you need to consider?

When you stay at a charm campsite, there are some things to consider. Because they are small-scale "back to basics" campsites, there is no room for large-scale entertainment. Instead, the entertainment on a charm campsite is smaller-scale, more personal and often organized spontaneously. Furthermore, the facilities will be more small-scale and nature-oriented. Think swimming in a river or lake instead of a huge water park. You may also find that sites are booked up faster, due to the lower number of camping spots. So be there on time!