What characterises a holiday in Denmark?

Enjoy nature, history and a special holiday experience? Then opt for a holiday in Denmark! Just a few hundred kilometres from the Netherlands, you will find this beautiful holiday country, with incredibly special nature. Stay during your holiday in Denmark in a safari tent for a unique experience. There is something for everyone in this Scandinavian country.

What to discover in Denmark?

Denmark has an incredibly long coastline with vast sandy beaches and dunes, with Wadden Islands in the south. Furthermore, the country also has green hills with lush forests, so there is plenty of nature to explore. Denmark also has a lot of historical sights, which often include Viking influences.

What activities are available in Denmark?

Exploring Denmark's coastline? Then visit Rømø, Denmark's largest tidal island. Here, you can drive your car onto the beach! With its long coastline, the country also offers many opportunities for water sports, including sailing and windsurfing. And for those who love gastronomy, there is an abundance of delicious food and drink to sample, from smørrebrød (Danish sandwiches) to locally brewed beer.

Still looking for unique accommodation for your holiday? Opt for a safari tent in Denmark! Safari tents offer the outdoor feeling with the convenience of home. Inside the accommodation you will find beds, a kitchen and a lounge set on your veranda. Do you choose a safari tent with sanitary facilities? Then you'll even have your own bathroom! It is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Denmark while enjoying all the comforts of home.