What characterises a holiday in Germany?

Looking for inspiration for your next camping holiday? A holiday in a safari tent in Germany is a unique way to explore the nature and culture of this beautiful country. This holiday country is known for its diversity, both in terms of landscapes and culture. Whether you like picturesque nature, historic cities or culinary discoveries, Germany has plenty to discover. 

What to discover in Germany?

There is an awful lot to discover in Germany. In historic cities such as Frankfurt, Dresden and Cologne, you will encounter impressive architecture and history. Germany's beautiful nature stretches from Harz National Park to the vast forests of the Black Forest and the waters of the Moselle. The country is also home to countless castles and fairytale villages, offering a glimpse into Germany's diverse history.

What activities are available in Germany?

Due to the country's versatility, there is always something to do. The various nature reserves allow for hiking and cycling, as well as kayaking or canoeing through rivers and lakes. In need of a special walk? Then opt for a hiking trail over a suspension bridge, for example the Geierlay suspension bridge in Rheinland-Pfalz. If you are staying near the Moselle River, you can take several boat trips through the beautiful area. This region is also known for its vineyards, so you can do wine tasting. Furthermore, Germany is known for its vibrant art and culture, and you can find dishes such as bratwurst, pretzels and beer.

If you are looking for an adventurous and unique accommodation during your holiday in Germany, a safari tent is a good choice. Wake up in the middle of nature and hear the birds singing. This fully equipped accommodation has beds, a (mobile) kitchen and a lounge set on the veranda. Do you choose a safari tent with sanitary facilities? Then you can also take a lovely shower.