Safari tent

Renting a safari tent

When people think of camping they often think of tents and the unique free holiday feeling camping provides. However, most people get annoyed by all of the hassles that camping entails before they can enjoy their well-deserved vacation. Fortunately, tasks such as pitching up a tent or inflating an air mattress nowadays belong to the past. Vodatent offers a variety of spacious safari tents which already have been pitched and are furnished. This allows you to immediately enjoy the unique free camping feeling and a well-deserved vacation. Would you like to enjoy such a carefree-vacation? Then be sure to browse our offer on this page and rent a safari tent with Vodatent! 

Camping is wonderful!

Outdoor life is really enjoyable, especially when the weather is nice. For instance, fully come to ease while reading a book in the sun! Children can easily enjoy themselves by taking a dip in a pool or have fun during activities organized by a campsites youth animation team. The fun that children have is very contagious and often quickly spreads to their parents. Resulting in that their inner child emerges, further strengthening the family bond.

However, most people are also familiar with the annoyances that come with camping. Things like Mosquitoes, pitching up a tent, and driving with a fully-loaded car or caravan just to find out during unpacking that you have forgotten that one small but indispensable item. Luckily stores nowadays sell anti-mosquitoes sprays, to all other annoyances our safari tents offer the solution. 

Camping on the most fun campsites of Europe

Vodatent teams up with top campsites within Europe’s renowned holiday countries. For example head to popular countries such as Germany or France. Here many people choose to celebrate their holidays annually. In addition, we have been closely working together for a long time with a campsite in San Marino, Italy. Here it is possible, while camping, to enjoy the warm Italian sunrays from the early spring months until the late summer months. The country where our venture started off renting tents is the Czech-republic. Here we still offer our safari tents at several campsites. If you want to go to the north, Sweden is definitely something for you.

Most people chose to stay close to home. The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg are not only popular during the summer holiday, but also spring! 



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Vodatent has a campsite suited to your wishes

All Vodatent campsites have the amenities that you would expect from a camping holiday. Which facilities are available to vary per campsite. Some of our campsites, like those located on a farm or those with big playgrounds have proven to be ideal for families with young children. Other campsites are more focused and suitable for teenagers. Here facilities such as a swimming pool, youth animation team and most importantly Wi-Fi should of course not be missed. If your children no longer want to go on holiday, you can go and relax while cycling or walking and enjoy the beauty of nature. We offer our safari-tents at numerous campsites with many nice cycling and walking routes in their area. These campsites often offer options to rent a bike or charge your electric bike. Your dog is of course also a member of your family, that is why your four-legged friend is welcome at most of our campsites. 

Tents from Vodatent are equipped with all comforts:

When you camp in a safari tent by Vodatent all you have to do before enjoying your well-deserved vacation is to unpack your bags upon arrival. This shouldn’t be too much work since the safari tent is equipped with a lot of conveniences. For example you don’t have to inflate an air mattress since the tent has a double bed for adults and bunk beds for children in a separate area within the tent.

In addition, our tents are equipped with a movable kitchen. This allows you to easily cook outside and your neighbours will soon become jealous of your cooking skills and delicious dishes. you can hardly think of a needed commodity that is not already present in our safari tents. For those who do tend to quickly forget something, we have created a handy packing list, ensuring you are not faced with surprises. So take a seat under the tent’s awning and enjoy a wonderful holiday in one of our tents.