A vacation among farm animals

Aug 3, 2023
At the farm
Femke Vingerling

Waking up in the morning to the soothing sound of birds, a beautiful view of the tranquil countryside, and a freshly laid egg by the chickens nearby. That's true enjoyment! With Vodatent, you can book a delightful vacation in a fun, peaceful, and educational place—a farm campsite with animals.

Camping on a farm, what does it entail?

Camping on a farm is for those who love nature and animals. When you stay on a farm, you experience a real vacation feeling. Take a step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and fully enjoy the simple things in life. It's a return to the basics, with no extensive entertainment or large-scale camping, but rather a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The farmer is ready to provide you with a glimpse into the beauty of farm life, where you can see what goes on behind the scenes.

Children have the time of their lives

That carton of milk in the supermarket, where does it actually come from? Take a look at the process, starting with milking the cow, or hop on the tractor and help harvest fresh vegetables. Cuddle with guinea pigs, ride a cute pony, or help gather eggs from the clucking chickens. If you have children, this is an ideal and educational place to take them. Children learn a lot about farm life in a playful way and discover that the simple things in life can be much more enjoyable. While there may not be extensive entertainment, the farmer always comes up with something fun and original. Racing on a go-kart, playing table football, or enjoying a game of farm golf, there's something fun for everyone. Since farm campgrounds are often somewhat smaller, you have a better overview of your children, allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved vacation with peace of mind.

Adults can also find their peace here

If you don't have children, you can still enjoy staying on the farm. Returning to the basics of life can create a sense of peace. Away from those busy roads, work emails, and addictive social media channels. Wi-Fi is often scarce at farm campgrounds, so set aside that smartphone and enjoy the great outdoors. There are often beautiful hiking and biking trails in the area where you can savor the immensely beautiful views. Take the time to listen to an audiobook, go for a run, or sneak in an afternoon nap in the hay. The farmer probably won't tell!

Farm Camping de Hinde

In the province of Flevoland, on the outskirts of Dronten, you'll find the cozy Farm Camping de Hinde. Situated near the Veluwemeer and surrounded by a forested area, this Farm Camping offers a beautiful location. There are many different animals on this camping site. These animals are fed twice a day, and the children are allowed to help with the feeding! It's a working arable farm, so you can experience farm life up close. Fresh eggs from their own chickens every day will make this experience even more colorful. Farm Camping de Hinde offers plenty to do, with pedal go-karts, a sandbox, and even a covered straw play hall. For lovely walks or bike rides, you can explore the Abbert- and Revebos forests or enjoy the stunning Veluwemeer.

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Camping Fargogne

In the beautiful surroundings of South France, you'll find Camping Fargogne. This camping site is located in the Tarn et Garonne, a lovely department of France. There is more than enough to do for both young and old at Camping Fargogne. On the educational farm, you can find animals like rabbits, goats, ponies, donkeys, chickens, and geese. With the warm weather in South France, you might want to cool off, and luckily, there is a swimming pool and a toddler's pool on-site. For those looking for active activities, you're in the right place with a golf course, a petanque court, table tennis, a giant chess game, foosball, and the opportunity to participate in pony and horse riding tours and lessons.

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Camping de Waterbuffelfarm

Looking for an adults-only animal campsite? On the edge of the province of Overijssel, near Friesland, you'll find Camping de Waterbuffelfarm, where the minimum age is 18. It's a beautiful and peaceful campsite where everyone has a view of the animals at the Waterbuffelfarm and the stunning natural surroundings. You can feed the buffaloes here, take a guided tour of the farm, and sample delicious products and farm life. There are also many hiking and cycling trails around the campsite. You can quickly bike or walk to Friesland or visit the Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

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