Play endlessly

Endless fun in the indoor playground at Vodatent family campsites. Here the kids can play, climb and clamber around for hours regardless of the weather. Rain or a colder day is of course never a good idea during a weekend of glamping or holiday with the children. In that case, a campsite with an indoor play paradise is of course a blessing. And not only on rainy days is an indoor playground fun, on sunny days there is also plenty of fun to be had indoors. Be endlessly inspired by our offer.

Fun in all weathers

Enjoy a wonderful holiday without having to worry about the weather. At a number of Vodatent campsites, you will find an indoor play paradise, perfect for rainy days. Because even on these days, it is important to have enough to do, right? In an indoor playground there is always plenty to do, for young and old.

Indoor fun for little ones

Let the rain fall! A number of campsites offer an indoor play paradise where the little ones can let off steam. From ball pits to challenging climbing equipment, there is an abundance of opportunities for them to expend their energy while you enjoy well-deserved relaxation. In these indoor play areas, you can combine safety and fun so that both parents and children can fully enjoy themselves.

Indoor adventure for the family

Bad weather doesn't have to spoil the fun. In the indoor play areas, you will find an abundance of games. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy, regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it's a competitive game of table football or other fun games, these indoor play areas offer a varied and fun environment where everyone can have fun. This keeps the holiday atmosphere cosy no matter what Mother Nature has in store.