Top 5 stopover campsites

Aug 3, 2023
Femke Vingerling

Going on vacation is wonderful, but let's be honest, the journey there can sometimes be quite long, especially when you're in search of sunshine. Spending hours in the car, trying to keep the kids entertained as they start to get impatient, is not very relaxing. So, what's a practical thing to do? That's right! Regain your vacation feeling by making a stopover at a nice campground along the way.

Now you might be thinking, why not drive straight through? That's certainly an option, but making a stopover has its advantages.

  • You're less fatigued. When you travel straight through, you'll need 1 to 2 days to recover from your journey upon arrival. This means you won't have the energy for fun activities or enjoyable evenings. With a stopover, your body has had some rest, and you can tackle your vacation with renewed energy.
  • The vacation feeling lingers. A stopover at a campground can bring back that vacation feeling because you get to clear your mind and temporarily forget about traffic jams and stress.
  • You get to discover new campgrounds and surroundings that you might not have seen otherwise.
  • The kids also have some distraction. Stopping at an overnight campground makes the journey feel shorter for the kids too. Enjoy that peace and quiet in the car!

Camping Les Bouleaux

On your way to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland? Take a look at Camping Les Bouleaux. A visit to this campground is also enjoyable when you're traveling down the famous Autoroute du Soleil to France or heading back home. The campground isn't directly on the Autoroute du Soleil, but it's just a short detour away. Surrounding the campground, you'll find the natural beauty typical of France. This modern campground in Northern France offers various facilities, including free Wi-Fi, a heated pool for adults and children, a children's pool, petanque courts, a table tennis table, and much more! Check out the campground here.

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Camping le Champ Long

Heading to Italy? This charming Camping Le Champ Long is located in La Salle-en-Beaumont, between the Vercors and Les Écrins National Park. It's a paradise for nature lovers! In the high season, activities such as a blind test and bingo are organized. Is your competitive spirit awakened? Then participate in a game of petanque or join other available activities. Your children can also have fun at the playground or with the summer activities on offer. Check out the campground here.

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Camping la Salvinie

En route to the Spanish coast? Camping La Salvinie is located in the heart of the Dordogne, in the Périgord Noir. To fully relax, enjoy direct access to the river la Vézère or take a seat in the jacuzzi of the heated pool. The children can have fun on the trampoline, in the playground or by discovering the farm animals. For sports enthusiasts and those who want to stretch for a while, there is even a gym. Table tennis, volleyball, petanque, etc. are also available at La Salvinie.

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Camping le Rotja

En route to Spain or Portugal? The Mediterranean climate, its location in the Apple Valley at the foot of the Canigou Massif and the cozy atmosphere at Camping Le Rotja make for a wonderful place to relax. The campground has free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and a variety of recreational activities. There are always fresh bread rolls in the morning and in the evening you can sit down for an attractive price at the restaurant where a variety of dishes are served, such as BBQ, pasta, pizza, mussels, hamburgers and satay. Check out the campsite here.

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