Unforgettable vacation memories

An animation team is one of the most essential elements on a campsite for a vacation with children. They bring a lively atmosphere and create the most beautiful memories. Every day an enthusiastic team is ready to give you and your family the vacation of a lifetime. They organize activities for the little ones, teenagers and for the whole family together. From craft mornings to bingo evenings, there is something for everyone. The size of the animation team varies from campsite to campsite, but they each create an unforgettable vacation.

For young and old

An entertainment program offers a wide range of activities so that there is something to do every day. Whether you like crafts or are looking forward to the soccer tournament later in the day, the activities are very varied and fun. The offer can vary from campsite to campsite, which makes each destination unique! Enjoy a delicious drink or ice cream together on the veranda of the safari tent after a strenuous activity. With Vodatent you will enjoy comfort and all the comforts of home. Experience an unforgettable vacation together in the comfortable safari tents of Vodatent.

Spectacular shows

At many campsites you can enjoy spectacular shows for free or for a small fee. Animation teams invest weeks, and sometimes even months, in preparing these unforgettable evening programs. With beautiful lighting effects, dance performances and sometimes even live music, they offer an entertaining time for the whole family. Be inspired by the wonderful destinations and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vodatent.