Safari tent rental in Limburg

Looking for a fun holiday in the Netherlands? Maybe Limburg is for you! Rent a safari tent at one of our campsites in Limburg. This will give you the real camping feeling without compromising on comfort. Let the holiday begin!

A comfortable safari tent in Limburg!

Limburg is the southernmost province of the Netherlands. Here you will find some beautiful cities like Maastricht and Valkenburg, but also cosy and picturesque villages like Meerssen, Gennep and Born. Limburg has its very own style, which you immediately notice in these villages and towns. The way of life, the dialect and the architecture make you feel like you're abroad. The landscape too, with its hills and the highest point in the Netherlands, show that this southern province is unique in the Netherlands. A safari tent in Limburg is the perfect way to discover this for yourself.

What better way to discover this unique province than on a camping holiday? But with camping, there are often problems around the corner, such as putting up a tent, a completely packed car with all the necessities, and so on. Vodatent makes that a lot easier. With a safari tent, your accommodation is already ready when you check in. Furthermore, the safari tent in Limburg is equipped with all the comforts of a comfortable camping holiday, such as a complete kitchen with fridge, 4-burner gas cooker, pans, cutlery and crockery. That saves a lot of packing. All you have to do when you arrive is unpack your suitcase and enjoy!

Out and about in Limburg

As mentioned earlier, Limburg has a lot to offer. But that's easy to say, so we wanted to go through the most fun activities with you, such as the Mergellandroute. When in Limburg, you must have seen the beautiful scenic landscape of South Limburg. This 100-kilometre route is the best way to do so. You can choose whether to go by car or take the bike. Do you prefer hiking? Then visit the beautiful castle gardens of Arcen. This 32-hectare garden is full of colourful works of art and blooming flowers. A beautiful garden where you can spend hours marvelling at all the beauty on display.

Discover our accommodation in Limburg

Rent a safari tent in Limburg from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully furnished and ready for use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with an awning. Some safari tents even have their own bathroom.