Safari tent rental in Dordogne

Would you like to go on vacation to Dordogne, but have never been before? Then book a fully equipped safari tent in this beautiful area in France. In this hilly nature you will find breathtaking views and ancient castles. Whether you want to relax or be active, there is something for everyone to do in Dordogne. The wonderful climate makes it possible to hike or swim through nature, but you can also enjoy French cuisine on a sunny terrace. To help you relax even more, we make sure that your safari tent is already set up so that you can immediately enjoy your vacation in the Dordogne.

An unforgettable vacation in a safari tent

Safari tent rental with or without bathroom in Dordogne

There are different types of safari tents. The safari tent without sanitary facilities has a mobile kitchen. You can put this outside on the terrace during warm evenings, so you can cook outside. In this mobile kitchen there is no running water in the tent. The safari tent with sanitary facilities has a fixed kitchen. This tent does have running water.

In addition, a safari tent with sanitary facilities has its own shower, toilet and sink in the accommodation. So you have all the comforts during your stay in a safari tent. In a safari tent without sanitary facilities you can use the sanitary building on the campsite.

Safari tent with toilet or private bathroom rental in Dordogne

Besides the aforementioned types of safari tents, there are other variants. For example, there are safari tents that only have a private toilet. The nice thing about these safari tents is that you don't have to leave your tent at night to visit the sanitary building. This tent may have a mobile or fixed kitchen, this may vary from campsite to campsite. There is no running water in the safari tents with toilets.

In a safari tent with private sanitary facilities, you can use your own toilet, shower and sink. However, these are not in the safari tent itself, but in an annex building within walking distance of the tent. This building is often a few meters away from the tent, but can also be right next to the tent. There is no running water in this type of tent. In addition, this safari tent may differ whether it has a fixed or mobile kitchen.

Accommodations in Dordogne

Renting a safari tent in Dordogne from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully equipped and ready for immediate use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with awning. Some safari tents are even equipped with private sanitary facilities so you can use your own bathroom.