Camping at the farm on the nicest farm campsites

Would you like to camp in peace and relax on the countryside? That is of course only possible if you go camp at the farm! Get away from the daily hustle and wake up with the rooster crowing. Although there are also larger farm campsites, you often camp at the farm on small mini campsites. Whether the farmer keeps cows or pigs, is a potato farmer or has an orchard: they are often not campsites with hundreds of camping pitches and luxurious facilities. Do not expect a large swimming pool, entertainment team or children's disco.

On the other hand, you are staying in a five-star environment without noisy neighbors. In fact, the other guests on the farm are pleasant and always willing to have a chat. And while your children make friends with the animals or lend the farmer a hand on the farm. They will have a great time. Have your children left home long ago? Then you can enjoy the most beautiful cycling and walking tours in the countryside. Really relax and rent a luxury glamping safari tent at the most fun farm campsites in Europe !


Camping at the farm means enjoying the quiet surroundings at the countryside

Far away from the daily hustle and bustle, you can enjoy the quiet surroundings at this campsite. Life here is not about deadlines. Your children don't have to be on time for sporting practise either. At the farm nature decides about the time. A farm campsite is therefore the ideal place to leave your daily obligations far behind and really enjoy your peace.

If you go camping at the farm, you live the way a farmer lives, but without getting up early of course. It is vacation! Being outside all day, surrounded by all kinds of animals. This way you can collect tasty eggs for your breakfast and enjoy a delicious glass of fresh milk from the cow. That is what life at the countryside is about! The animals on the farm are also the perfect holiday friends for your children. Playing with the goats, pony rides or feeding the chickens. With the farmer as a wise teacher your children learn everything about farm life.

Discover the nicest farm campsites in the Netherlands

Many people travel all the way to France or Italy to enjoy the beautiful vistas of the countryside. Still, you don't have to go far to enjoy it. You will also find the beauty of the countryside when you go camping at a farm in the Netherlands. Every province has something to offer and you will find farms of all shapes and sizes here.

The rural life of Overijssel

The countryside of Overijssel invites to be discovered. During a nice cycling or walking tour you can enjoy it to the fullest. The nice thing about this part of Holland is that there are also nice towns to visit. Think of trading cities like Zwolle, Kampen and Deventer. The village Giethoorn famous of his beautifull canals can also be found in Overijssel. This “Venice of the Netherlands” is well worth a visit. Near the Twente region you will also find beautiful farms and you can enjoy the real country life.

The most beauftiful farm campsite of Limburg

Those who really want to enjoy the beautiful nature in Limburg with hills and forests, can do that at a farm campsite. There is enough place for cycling and walking through this beautiful part of Holland. Culture can be found in the cities, especially in the city Maastricht. Go out for dinner, grab a cozy terrace or take a nice cruise on the Maas. Do not miss the Limburg flan while you are here ...

The most beautiful parts of Gelderland

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Gelderland. Cyclists and walkers can enjoy a great holiday here, but there are also nice cities like Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen and Doetinchem. The most famous places of Gelderland are of course the Veluwe and the Achterhoek. Those who go camping at the farm can look forward to having a wonderful vacation. De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the reason for a successful holiday. The Apenheul is also a fun day trip for the whole family.

Camping at the farm, but also close to the beach? You can do that in Zeeland!

Zeeland has the perfect combination between the countryside on one side and sun, sea and beach on the other. This way you can enjoy a fresh egg with your breakfast in the morning and then enjoy a day of baking at the beach. Yet you don't have to go to the beach to enjoy yourself in the sunniest province of the Netherlands.Try the tasty regional products, but also the fresh catch from the sea. Zeeland is known for his delicious mussels. Nice cities to visit are Zierikzee, Vlissingen and Middelburg, but there is also much to do in other cultural places. Here your children can, for example, learn everything about the flood disaster and see with their own eyes how we want to prevent this in the future. The Delta Works are impressive ! As you read, you can do a lot of fun things around this farm campsite.

Vacation all around the water in Friesland

Water lovers will immediately feel at home at a farm campsite in Friesland. The 24 lakes in Friesland ensure that this province has just as much water as land. You can go fishing, swimming, boating or practice any other form of water sports. Friesland is unique in the Netherlands. The typical farms, mound villages and the different landscapes ensure that you will fully enjoy the rural life. There is also plenty to do in terms of culture. Harlingen, Sneek, Dokkum and of course the capital Leeuwarden are nice cities to visit. Also visit the town of Lemmer. Here you will find the Woudagemaal, which is on the Unesco World Heritage List. In addition to this honorable mention, the town of Lemmer is also just really fun to visit.

Farm campsites in the forest of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe has a typical landscape with beautiful nature parks, wide heathlands, primeval forests and here and there a cozy village. Nature lovers are in the right place here. The quietness is a great contrast to the hustle and bustle of normal life when you go camping at the farm in Drenthe. Beautiful meadows with grazing sheep are a perfect match for farm life. Grab the bike and get out there! Drenthe calls itself the cycling province of the Netherlands. There is more than 2,000 kilometers of cycle path! Besides all nature, this province is of course known for the hunebeds. The largest hunebed is in Borger. Another cultural outing that you should not miss is Camp Westerbork Memorial Center. 

Camping at the farm in South Holland: quietness despite the many cities out there

South Holland may be the most densely populated province in the Netherlands, but there are also plenty of places to relax. This has the advantage that you can enjoy rural life and the urban atmospheres. You will find that variety almost nowhere else in the country. This way you can enjoy nature in the Biesbosch one day and take a city trip to Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Dordrecht, Delft or Gouda the next day. You can also spend a day at the beach in Scheveningen or Katwijk. Other fun cultural excursions are Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk, Duinrell and the zoo of Rotterdam ''Blijdorp''.

Farm campsites in Belgium

Camping in Belgium means enjoying a quiet and beautiful environment. There are beautiful provinces such as Antwerp and Limburg. In addition, the Ardennes are the absolute attraction of this country. The variation is enormous. From city trips to Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liège and Namur to enjoying nature in the Ardennes or the Antwerp Kempen. Culture is not the only thing in Belgium. Because of all the good food and drinks like Flemish fries, stew, waffles from Liège or a nice Belgian beer, you will maybe enjoy that more than the beautiful culture. Gastronomy is a nice extra if you enjoy the quietness of camping at the farm.

An active or passive vacation in the Belgium Ardennes?

The first place that fans of sports in nature think of is often the Ardennes. The rough environment makes it perfect for mountain biking, climbing, rappeling, canoeing and zip lining. It is also an ideal area for long cycling and walking tours. It is of course also possible to relax on a farm campsite and enjoy the quietness and beautifull environment full of forests and hills. The streams, rivers and lakes are also good places to enjoy some fishing. Nice trips in the Ardennes are the waterfalls of Coo, the caves of Han, a visit to a castle or of course a beer brewery. All those fun activities make you thirsty! And please don't forget to relax for a day in the thermal baths of Spa!

The farm life in Germany

For many people who love camping, Germany has become one of the favorite holiday countries. That is not a surprise, because there is so much variety here. There is countryside, but there are also overgrown forests and mountains. In addition, many prejudices about Germany often turn out to be incorrect at all. For example, the kitchen is more versatile than beer and bratwurst and you can still find old-fashioned hospitality. If you go camping at the farm, you can take full advantage of this. This way you can enjoy the most beautiful areas, such as the Eifel or the Black Forest, where you can make beautiful cycling and walking tours. A city trip in Germany is also worthwhile. Consider Dresden, for example. This city was completely destroyed in the Second World War, but is build up again and is now a wonderful city to visit. Leipzig is also a nice, versatile city.


Camp child friendly at the farm

Are farm campsites also suitable for children? Do not expect animation teams, large swimming pools or children's disco. Still, your kids will have a great time here. The farmer always has a small job to do. Milking the cows, brushing the horses or collecting eggs. The kids can eat the eggs for breakfast. Playfully they learn a lot about farm life and in the meantime they also get to know a lot of new a farm animals. The children can cuddle with guinea pigs, ride a pony or ride a tractor. There may not be a mini golf course, but a game of farmers golf is really fun too. Besides, a football field is put together with some sticks, stones and a little bit of imagination. There is enough space! Since farm campsites are often mini campsites, they are easy to oversee. The kids will not get lost so quickly and you can keep an eye on them just a little easier. After all, you have to enjoy your vacation also.

Farm sites with animals

If you go camping at the farm, you share the campsite with the nicest residents. Some have a soft coat and love to cuddle. Still others have nice feathers that you can collect. Besides, they provide a nice egg with your breakfast. Then you also have large animals that provide milk or are fun to ride. They all love good food and sometimes the farmer needs help to feed all those animals. One farm campsite has, for example, a small petting zoo, but there are also campsites with horses where you can take lessons.

Take your dog with you to the farm!

Your dog may be an important part of your family. When you go on vacation, you don't want to leave them at home, take them to the shelter or let them stay with your strict aunt. Fortunately, farms and dogs are a perfect match. If you go camping at the farmer, most of the time you can just take your dog with you. Dogs are not only allowed at most Vodatent campsites, but are also very welcome. They often have to be on a leash to prevent them from running after the chickens. After all, if they get scared, we can forget about the fresh eggs for breakfast!

You will find out that your dog loves life on the farm as much as you do. The outside air and quietness ensure that your four-legged friend has the time of his life. You can also take long walks in the area or run through the woods. A little exercise is also necessary, because the chances are that the farmer's wife will give your dog a treat every now and then. If you want to bring your dog to the farm campsite, you can indicate this when booking. Are you going on holiday abroad? Then it may be that your dog needs to be vaccinated or that you have to bring a health certificate. Check this well before departure!

Luxury camping at the farmer in a Vodatent safaritent

So you can enjoy your holiday quietness at a farm campsite. Live like a farmer and enjoy fresh eggs and milk every morning. At Vodatent we add a little bit of glamping to your holiday at the farm campsite. Immediately after arrival you can already start relaxing in your safari tent. It is fully equipped. After a day in the countryside, nothing sleeps better than a lovely soft bed. In the morning you bake the eggs in the kitchen and in the evening you prepare a tasty meal with fresh ingredients from the land. When the weather is nice you can drive that kitchen outside and cook in the sun. Your holiday at Vodatent starts when you close the front door behind you. Enjoy the country life and come camping in luxury at the farm in a Vodatent safari tent!

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