Camping at the farm on the nicest farm campsites

Would you like to camp in peace and relax on the countryside? That is of course only possible if you go camp at the farm! Get away from the daily hustle and wake up with the rooster crowing. Although there are also larger farm campsites, you often camp at the farm on small mini campsites. Whether the farmer keeps cows or pigs, is a potato farmer or has an orchard: they are often not campsites with hundreds of camping pitches and luxurious facilities. Do not expect a large swimming pool, entertainment team or children's disco.

On the other hand, you are staying in a five-star environment without noisy neighbors. In fact, the other guests on the farm are pleasant and always willing to have a chat. And while your children make friends with the animals or lend the farmer a hand on the farm. They will have a great time. Have your children left home long ago? Then you can enjoy the most beautiful cycling and walking tours in the countryside. Really relax and rent a luxury glamping safari tent at the most fun farm campsites in Europe !


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