Safari tent rental in the Achterhoek

The Achterhoek is a versatile region of Gelderland located on the eastern side of the province. According to many people, this is one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. This is mainly because of the versatility and the beautiful hilly landscape. You can relax, but also experience culture and taste delicious regional products. Rent a glamping safari tent from Vodatent and discover the versatility of the Achterhoek.

The versatile Achterhoek offers fun for young and old

Enjoying a vacation in the Achterhoek? You will discover that there is plenty of fun for the whole family in the area. For example, there are as many as 7 different climbing routes in Klimbos Achterhoek. Isn't climbing and clambering among the trees wonderful? On a leash, of course, so you as parents can enjoy it with peace of mind. That is, if you're not climbing along! Each climbing route has a different height and difficulty level. In the Junior Forest, children as young as 7 years old can enjoy climbing. The climbing route is even suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and children with special talents. Not enough of a challenge? Then there are even routes that are 16 meters high. Maybe those are so difficult that only dad dares them? If he is not afraid of heights, at least! So do you like climbing, scrambling, swooping and bungee jumping in the forest? Then Klimbos Achterhoek is the place for you!

If the climbing forest doesn't excite you enough, it's time to go to Cactus Oasis Adventure Park. Did you know that there are thousands of species of cacti? In all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes! For little ones, there is a cactus pyramid, a puzzle trail and a children's garden. Especially for dad there is also a Wild West style model railroad!

Discover the Achterhoek on foot or by bicycle?

Anyone who goes cycling or hiking in the Achterhoek falls from one surprise to another. From the coulisse landscape, with beautiful views interrupted by wooded banks, you walk through forests and cozy villages. At another moment you cycle past meadows and castles. Those who think that Drenthe is the place for cycling will be positively surprised to learn that the Achterhoek has been voted the best cycling area in the Netherlands! This is because of the variety that is so characteristic of this region. Through the well-maintained bicycle paths you can easily discover this diversity. However, the challenging hilly landscape is also very suitable for the sporty cyclist, such as cyclists and mountain bikers. The recreational cyclist or hiker can find all kinds of great Achterhoek routes on the Internet.

Finally, two Hanseatic cities are also located in the Achterhoek. These were the trading centers of the Netherlands. Now they are cozy historic cities that are well worth a visit. See the old cobblestone streets and squares on foot or take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage. In mustard city Doesburg, of course, enjoy a delicious mustard soup. In tower city Zutphen you can almost imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. So there is plenty for culture lovers to do in the Achterhoek!

Camping in a safari tent in the Achterhoek?

Because there is so much to experience in the Achterhoek, a good night's sleep is important. Only then can you fully enjoy every day. Fortunately, at Vodatent you are in the right place! Our safari tents are fully equipped. Wonderfully soft beds, a kitchenette where you can cook with delicious local produce and a spacious awning under which you can sit with a local beer or wine. Lovely to think back on the fun day when the kids are in bed.

A refrigerator, coffee maker, cups, cutlery, pans and a kettle. You name it, it's there. And the safari tent is already completely ready for you when you arrive at the campsite. This means that you do not have to load up your car and caravan and can therefore enjoy a safe drive. Upon arrival, your vacation begins immediately!

Delicious late summer and enjoy regional products from Gelderland

Those who do not rely on the school vacations will discover that the Achterhoek is perhaps at its most beautiful during late summer. The trees turn yellow and red and it is burgundy here then. In the dozens of vineyards you can learn all about the wines. How they are made, but of course especially how they are drunk. Beer lovers can live their passion and taste a special beer in one of the small breweries.
And speaking of burgundy enjoyment. There are many businesses in the Achterhoek that make their own cheese, fruit, meat, bread or ice cream in an artisanal way. The regional products are for sale everywhere in small stores or roadside stalls. In short, the gourmet has also come to the right place in the Achterhoek.

Discover our accommodations in the Achterhoek

Rent a safari tent in the Achterhoek at Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully furnished and immediately ready for use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with an awning. Some safari tents even have their own sanitary facilities so you can use your own bathroom.