Safari tent rental in Noord Brabant

Are you thinking about a camping vacation in North Brabant? North Brabant is an excellent vacation destination. With a gentle dialect and pleasant cities, you're guaranteed a fun camping vacation. Cities like Breda, Tilburg and Den Bosch exude a cozy burgundian atmosphere. In these cities you can visit historical monuments, enjoy shopping and taste the ''Brabant coziness'' that is known in our country. The many pleasant and cozy pubs create that coziness. So plop down on one of the terraces after a day of shopping in Breda, Tilburg or Den Bosch. Then you will also have that real vacation feeling!

Experience comfort with a safari tent in Noord Brabant

The biggest advantage is that you no longer have to fiddle with setting up your own tent, but there are even more advantages to a safari tent. This is because the tent is fully equipped for a comfortable camping vacation. A kitchen with refrigerator, 4-burner stove, pots, cutlery and crockery cannot be missing! This also saves on packing, giving you extra space. You can probably make better use of this space for more fun vacation stuff, such as a barbecue or badminton set. You can also leave the thin sleeping mats or air mattresses at home, because our safari tent in North Brabant is equipped with comfortable beds with mattresses. At the front of the safari tent is a spacious awning that extends over your private veranda. Great for ending the day with a drink in the evening!

Fun and special activities in Brabant

As mentioned earlier, cities like Tilburg and Den Bosch are well worth a visit. Try the Brabant delicacies here, such as the Bosche bol or the Tilburg sausage roll, with a slice of bacon on top. If you prefer something smaller, we suggest Berkel-Enschot. Here there is a Trappist monastery where the beer "La Trappe" is brewed. You can visit Koningshoeven Abbey for a tour and (of course) a tasting!

With your safari tent always close to the beautiful nature of Noord Brabant.

Just take your walking shoes or bike to the safari tent, because in addition to the many activities you can also enjoy the beautiful nature reserves of Noord Brabant. It is not for nothing the province with the most nature parks in the Netherlands. Here you can hike through the many landscapes that North Brabant has to offer. Think of vast forests, vast moors and the largest sand drifts in Western Europe, the Drunense Dunes. Here you can spend hours losing yourself in the tranquility of the natural surroundings. Or you can have a ball with your dog!

Would you prefer an even more special way of viewing nature? Then the option of a boat trip with the (whisper) boat is interesting. With a boat you will sail through national park the Biesbosch, where you can enjoy the special water area during the trip.

Discover our accommodation in North Brabant

Renting a safari tent in North Brabant from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully equipped and ready for immediate use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with an awning. Some safari tents are even equipped with sanitary facilities so you can use your own bathroom.