Safari tent rental in Flevoland

The province of Flevoland is still young at heart, but in addition it is certainly not boring. It is a province filled with sports, fun, art, culture and delicacies. While staying at one of Vodatent's campsites, discover the surroundings and get to know the province. From fresh fruit to locally brewed special beer, there is much to taste and discover here. Rent a fully equipped safari tent in Flevoland and enjoy everything around you.

A day full of activities in Flevoland

In Flevoland there are plenty of activities for the whole family. You can hike and bike, of course, but there are also many other fun activities. Discover the Marker Wadden in the Markermeer or visit the largest play forest in the Netherlands. Would you rather go moose spotting in nature? Check them out in Natuurpark Lelystad.

Also want to soak up a little culture in Flevoland? There is plenty of architecture to see in Almere Centrum. This center is also called an open-air museum full of extraordinary architecture. Besides Almere, there is a lot of Land Art to see in Flevoland. As many as 9 of them to be exact. Can you find them all?

Outdoor & Adventure in Flevoland

For the real daredevil and sports enthusiast, there is much more to discover in these provinces. For example, at Dorhout Mees you can go quad biking, abseiling, rafting, mountain biking and they have many more activities. They also have the Longest Tokkelbaan of the Netherlands at Fun Forest and it is possible to do an obstacle course at Flevonice.  In short, enough activities to sleep well in your safari tent afterwards.

The taste of Flevoland

Flevoland is originally an agricultural province, created to provide us with food. Vast fields full of potatoes, onions, carrots, sprouts and so on. In short, plenty of crops to make delicious healthy food from. If you spend the night in a safari tent in Flevoland, be sure not to forget to sample local produce from one of the farm stores in the area. For example, get fruit at Vink Fruit Farm, fresh cream puffs at Bakkerij de Toren or sample a delicious special beer at Stadbrouwerij de Kemphaan in Almere.

Spend the night in a safari tent in Flevoland?

Do you want to really enjoy the province of Flevoland and not have to cram everything into one day? Then spend the night in one of the safari tents from Vodatent at the best campsites in Flevoland. This way you can enjoy everything there is to do to the max. In addition, the safari tent is equipped with all conveniences, such as a kitchen, refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle and comfortable beds. If you rent a safari tent in Flevoland, it will be ready for you upon arrival and your vacation can begin immediately.

Discover our accommodation in Flevoland

Rent a safari tent in Flevoland from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully furnished and ready for use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with awning. Some safari tents even have their own sanitary facilities so you can use your own bathroom.