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The Vosges is a department located in the northeastern part of France, named after the medium-altitude mountains that are present there. In every season, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, whether you're seeking the sun or going for a winter sports adventure – it has it all!

An unforgettable vacation in a safari tent

What are the Vosges known for?

For nature lovers, a vacation in the Vosges is more than worth it. Dense forests, medium-high mountains, and clear lakes are perfect for hiking, cycling, or water activities. Many plant and animal species, rare in many parts of Europe, can also be found here. The Vosges region is mainly characterized by round mountains called "ballons." The highest mountain is the Grand Ballon, with an elevation of 1,424 meters. This, along with the smaller Ballon d'Alsace, is perfect for hiking and cycling routes. For water enthusiasts, there are various lakes in the Vosges. The most famous lake is Gérardmer, also known as the "Pearl of the Vosges." Here, you can enjoy activities throughout the year. Lac de Longemer and Lac de Kruth-Wildenstein are also beautiful lakes in the Vosges, formed long ago by a glacier. As you head south, you'll encounter the Plateau des Mille Etangs, a unique geological heritage that's definitely worth a visit!


In the Vosges, you have many attractions that are well worth a visit! For example, there's Munster, a charming town with picturesque buildings and cute boutiques. This town is known for "Munster" cheese, a true delicacy in the region. In the local museum, you can learn all about this cheese and its production. When you get hungry, you can sit on one of the pleasant terraces nearby or buy the cheese at the annual Christmas market. Mille Etangs is another must-see during your stay in the Vosges. It's a part of the national park located in Haute-Saône and consists of '1000' lakes left behind after the last ice age. Interested in other natural beauties? Visit the two popular waterfalls at Cascade de Tendon. You can reach the bottom of the waterfall within a few minutes via a rocky hiking path, where you can cool off.

An active camping vacation in the Vosges

For the active holidaymaker, there's plenty to do in the Vosges! Take a look at Lake Gérardmer and rent a boat, go windsurfing, or relax on one of the two designated beaches. During the winter, if it's cold enough, you can ice skate on the lake or go ice fishing. There's also the versatile area called Markstein, where you can explore around 30 hiking routes, including the GR5, the long-distance trail from Hoek van Holland to Nice. Here, you'll also find a toboggan run, located next to the neighborhood pancake restaurant. For mountain biking enthusiasts, there's the Bike Park with 7 mountain bike routes.

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