Safari tent rental in Antwerp

Everyone knows the place Antwerp in Belgium. The province of Antwerp is located in Flanders. This region has a nice mix. Here you will find fantastic nature interspersed with attractive villages and towns where you will find a lot of culture and Belgian conviviality. Renting a safari tent in Antwerp is also nice for children. Among others, you will find the amusement parks such as Bobbejaanland and the Pakawi Park. These are pleasant amusement parks for a day out.

Renting a safari tent in Antwerp: close to home but a bit different

Renting a safari tent in Antwerp offers a nice combination of the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to its convenient location you can easily reach the Netherlands to visit Baarle-Nassau. But also a day trip to Brussels is one of the possibilities for a nice day out.

The Antwerp Kempen

The Antwerp Kempen is not only an area for biking and hiking. The Belgians also have a burgundian lifestyle and it is therefore enjoyable on one of the many terraces that you encounter in the Antwerp Kempen. All the ingredients are in stock for an enjoyable vacation. There are numerous attractive villages and cities to visit. A day of shopping in Antwerp is also among the possibilities. But also shopping center Maasmechelen is nearby.

Belgium is more than sports vacations

Everyone knows the Belgian Ardennes from sporting vacations. The province of Antwerp has other beautiful things to offer for a great camping vacation. This province in Belgium is perfect for a hiking or cycling vacation. Would you also like to discover the Antwerp Kempen? Then rent a safari tent with Vodatent.

A day trip

There are also many options for a day trip. For example, there are several amusement parks. Everyone knows the famous amusement parks such as Bobbejaanland and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt. But a day out can also go to a zoo. In the Antwerp Kempen there are several zoos such as Pakawi Park and GaiaZoo. Also visit the Abbey of Postel. Here people find the beauty of true faith. Renting a safari tent in Antwerp offers many possibilities.

Discover our accommodation in Antwerp

Renting a safari tent in Antwerp from Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully equipped and ready for immediate use. There are separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with an awning. Some safari tents are even equipped with private sanitary facilities so you can use your own bathroom.