Glamping vacations in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the perfect vacation destination for an unforgettable time. This beautiful country offers something for everyone, mountains, nature and beautiful cities full of history alternate. The capital Prague is called "the Golden City. The city of many towers located on the Vltava River, enchants everyone with its many squares and old streets and alleys. Discover the other cities of Brno and Telc, and, of course, the Czech Republic's beautiful spas. A typical Czech beer should also not be missed during a vacation in this country. At a glamping in the Czech Republic you will find all the necessary facilities in or next to the glamping tent.

Discover beautiful nature from your glamping in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known for its beautiful nature, art, culture and architecture. Take a hike through the Bohemian Forest in southern Czech Republic or explore the Giant Mountains near the border of Poland, these activities are perfect for the nature lovers among us. Explore jagged rock formations and green valleys. Visit the Mumlava waterfalls. Climb and hike through the natural surroundings and discover this gem. The Mumlava Falls consists of one large waterfall and several smaller ones, at the top the water falls down in 10 meters across its entire width! For active vacationers, take a beautiful canoe trip down the majestic Vltava River. The legendary river is easily navigable and there is much beauty to see along the way. The South Bohemia region is a true cycling paradise. Explore the surroundings of Hluboka and Trebon with quiet country roads and many bicycle routes. Cycle through beautiful forests and over gently rolling hills, past historic towns, castles and fortresses.

Tips for your glamping in the Czech Republic

Do you love camping or are you going camping for the first time and you are in doubt about a camping vacation? Choose a glamping vacation in the Czech Republic and you will always be right. Rain or shine, glamping offers you plenty of convenience and comfort. A fully equipped kitchen in your tent, a nice sitting area, separate sleeping quarters, a spacious terrace with an awning and often a bathroom with a shower, sink and private toilet.

The same free feeling, but the comfort of home and in the middle of nature. Now that's vacation.  Stay with your family, your dog or just the two of you in a duolodge or fully equipped glamping tent by the water, near a city or in the middle of the woods. Vodatent always helps you find the glamping that suits you.