Safari tent for rent on the Wadden Islands

Rent a safari tent on the Wadden Islands with Vodatent! Rent a comfortable safari tent on the nicest family campsite on the Wadden Islands.

The Wadden Islands are located in the North Sea, north of the Netherlands and Germany and west of Denmark. Between the islands and the mainland is the Wadden Sea, which largely runs dry at low tide, making it a very important foraging area for birds. Hop on the boat and leave the crowds behind. The Wadden Islands guarantee relaxation and a breath of fresh air.

An unforgettable holiday in a safari tent


Sand dunes, a beach, and marshy natural areas. An island for culture enthusiasts and sports lovers. A three-quarter-hour boat ride from Holwerd. In the villages on Ameland, you'll find charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The island has 90 km of bike paths. Getting lost won't be a problem because the red and white lighthouse in Hollum is impossible to miss. Board the boat from Holwerd and discover this beautiful island. Ameland is recommended for both young and older guests, whether you're active, a nature lover, or seeking tranquility.


Schiermonnikoog is one of the wildest, most unspoiled places in the Netherlands. It's shaped by sea currents, wind, and drifting sand. And this process is ongoing. Due to erosion and sedimentation, the island is continually moving eastward. In large parts of the island, nature is left to its own devices without human intervention. Such places are not found frequently in the Netherlands. Schiermonnikoog is the smallest municipality in the Netherlands, with only one village where fewer than 1,000 people live. Cars are not allowed here. But don't worry: bikes and buses are excellent alternatives. Or you can walk, as the island is 18 kilometers long and 4 kilometers at its widest point. There are more than enough bike, foot, and horseback riding trails.


With its thirty-kilometer-long sandy beach, Texel is a true paradise for beach holiday lovers. However, Texel has much more to offer, including its seven villages, each one more charming than the last, and unique natural areas. Texel is also easily accessible: the crossing from Den Helder to the island takes only twenty minutes! Climb Texel's lighthouse. The bright red lighthouse is located in the north of Texel on one of the widest beaches on the island. A visit to the lighthouse can be easily combined with a day at the beach. Visitors have a magnificent view over Texel from the top of the 150-year-old tower, and you can even see the neighboring island of Vlieland.


Terschelling lies as a narrow strip between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. This strip is 30 kilometers long and 4.5 kilometers at its widest. Wherever you are, you can always taste, smell, or hear the sea. The ferry arrives at West-Terschelling. You can bring your car, but it's not necessary. Buses and rental bikes are ready for you. The island has 70 kilometers of bike paths and a whopping 200 km of unpaved walking trails. Terschelling also features the 'De Boschplaat' nature reserve, which has been designated as a Dark Sky Park. There's so little light pollution that you can still find real darkness there. Terschelling is officially one of the darkest places in the world. The island also boasts charming villages like West-Terschelling and Oosterend.

Accommodations on the Wadden Islands

Renting a safari tent on the Wadden Islands with Vodatent? Our safari tents are fully furnished and ready for use. They come with separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, and you can enjoy the spacious terrace with an awning. Some safari tents even have their own bathroom facilities, so you don't have to walk to the sanitary building.