Rent a Duolodge

Are you passing through and are you looking for a unique place to sleep for two? Take a look at our Duolodge. This attractively furnished lodge offers space for two persons and has a lovely spacious terrace. You can rent a Duolodge at Vodatent at several campsites in Europe. Are you with more than two people, take a look at our safari tents. 


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Sleeping in a Duolodge for 2 persons

In the Duolodge for 2 persons there are two single beds and a nightstand with power units. The Duolodge is often used as the ideal hiker's cabin. It has everything for a wonderful stay and the next day you can set off fresh for the next destination. 

The inventorty may differ per campsite. There are even campsites that place a barbecue next to the Duolodge so you can make your own food. Curious about these tents? Then take a look at the search results below. 

What will be your destination?

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