Rent a safari tent in Twente

Rent a safari tent in Twente at Vodatent! Rent a luxury safari tent now at the best family campsites in Twente.

Twente, a natural region in the east of the Netherlands. You will find countless cycling and walking routes, nice villages and cities and there are plenty of activities for a fun day out. Rent a glamping safari tent at Vodatent now and enjoy this beautiful environment without any worries.

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Enjoy nature in Twente by bike

It is said that Twente has the best mountain bike routes in the Netherlands. This is mainly due to the changing landscape and the many fairytale forests. It is even possible to drive a route of 700 kilometers in one week. Of course this is not for everyone and it is also possible to explore the area by regular bicycle. There are also plenty of routes available for the regular cyclist.

Prefer to walk? The hiking network has no less than 6000 kilometers of possibilities and nowadays the routes can even be chosen by theme. Take the art route, for example, which allows you to discover the artistic side of Almelo and see beautiful art objects and galleries throughout the city.

By horse through Twente

For horse lovers there are also beautiful routes mapped out to see the area. New routes are also being added all the time. One of those that you should definitely have ridden is the TwenteTrail. This is a multi-day themed tour on the most beautiful horse riding routes in Twente.

The most beautiful villages and towns

If you rent a safari tent in Twente, there are many nice villages and cities that are definitely worth a visit. Take Enschede, for example, in this city you can visit the Rijksmuseum Twente, there is a lot of special architecture and you can participate in a tour of the Grolsch Brewery. In addition, this city is also called the shopping city of the Eastern Netherlands.

Not only Enschede, but many other villages and cities are worth a visit in Twente. The village of Oostmarsum is a place where you can still experience the real Twente atmosphere. Here you can see many historic buildings and you can visit the Museum Ton Schulten. In good weather, a snack and a drink is possible on one of the many terraces. Various events are also organized annually.

Besides Enschede and Oostmarsum, Almelo, Enter and Hengelo are also very nice cities to visit.


Twents enjoy

Like every region, Twente also has its own regional products. During your glamping holiday in Twente it is extra pampering to taste these products. Take, for example, the tastiest ice cream from the Bölte Ice Cream Farm in Nutter, each flavor is made from natural ingredients. Or pick the best blueberries yourself at the blueberry nursery De Greftenhoeve in Vriezenveen. Delicious for breakfast.

Twente is not only good for the ice cream and blueberries, but also for the tastiest wine. Wijngaard Hof van Twente in Bentelo has been making its own wines since 2000 and also organizes guided tours. This way you get to see the vineyard and the wine cellars. Of course it is then possible to taste the delicious wines in the tasting room.

Moreover, the enjoyment does not stop here. If you come back to the campsite after a long day and sit on the terrace of the safari tent, the day can be relived again with all the delicacies you have brought. That is enjoyment!

Rent a safari tent in Twente

Twente is a versatile region in the east of the Netherlands. You can follow beautiful cycling and walking routes, visit villages and cities or explore the area by horse. Besides that there is a lot to see and do, there is also a lot to taste. Treat yourself to delicious regional products or real Twente wine. That is enjoyment!

If you rent a Vodatent safari tent in Twente, you will certainly enjoy your holiday. That is because the spacious safari tents are fully furnished and fully equipped. You can cook those tasty regional dishes with the kitchenette that you can roll outside in good weather. After a long cycling and walking tour, nothing sleeps better than the soft beds that are already in the tent. When you arrive in Twente, you can immediately start discovering this beautiful

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