Small-scale campsites in France

Aug 7, 2023
Joëlle van Weelden

Are you looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation in wonderful France, away from all the hustle and bustle? Camping in a beautiful location in nature, where you can enjoy yourself intensely? Then camping on a small-scale campsite is for you! Vodatent offers different accommodations on various campsites, including these attractive mini campsites in France.

Small-scale French glamping, is it for me?

France has many mega campsites with everything from stores and restaurants to a large swimming pool. Every year masses of people come to camp on such a campsite. So you can imagine that such campsites can be very busy and hectic. Although the hustle and bustle can be pleasant, some people actually like to find the peace and quiet on vacation that they don't always have in their busy lives. At the smaller campsites you can find that peace and quiet.

Everyone here has space to themselves. The small campsites are often in the French countryside, on a hill, by a river or in a picturesque valley, where you can walk or cycle straight into nature. Many small campsites also do not have defined camping spots, but instead allow you to choose where to pitch yourself. So you can choose whether you want to be close to your neighbors or prefer to be alone with your family.

If you like camping with a homely atmosphere and want to really get to know France, it is easier at a small campsite. On a small campsite, the owners practically know their guests by name. A chat is easily made and they are more involved with their guests. They can give you enthusiastic advice about the surroundings, the real French regions/specialties and they can keep an eye on you when your child strays a bit too far.

Unique experiences

Although, there is no mega disco or entertainment team, there is often plenty to do on a mini-campsite. There is almost always a swimming pool and the campsite often organizes fun, unique activities that really focus on the region and surroundings of the campsite. Some small campsites in France even have unique themes. For example, you can camp at a farm campsite, where you get to experience authentic farm life. Help with haymaking, ride around on the tractor or harvest your own vegetables in the vegetable garden. Take your child to meet the cute farm animals and give them cute nicknames together.


When you are on vacation with the family, you also want the kids to have a fun vacation. Large massive campsites, where the entertainment is large-scale, can feel impersonal to the children. Too much on offer can even make choice impossible. At small-scale campsites, there is no programmed entertainment, but rather everything is organized spontaneously! Back to basics, is sometimes just a lot of fun! Playing in nature, going on a spontaneous ghost tour or singing songs together around a campfire gives your child a quiet social environment, where they can make friends for life.

Glamping des 2 Marguerites

Totally unwind in a safari tent at the organic farm Glamping des 2 Marguerites and discover Burgundy France in all its splendor. At this small campsite in the Normandy region, you will wake up to the sound of the countryside. Tranquility, cleanliness and nature are paramount here. Experience agriturismo at its purest. This is glamping for the true animal lover. For example, there are several types of chickens, two goats and a group of dairy cows. In addition, children as well as adults are allowed to help the farmer with, for example, milking the cows or collecting eggs.

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Minicamping Sous les Cloches

Camping Sous les Cloches is located in beautiful France in a hilly area. At this small-scale campsite you have beautiful views of the Allier, Puy de Dome and the Creuse. The campsite is ideal for people with smaller children and for those seeking peace and nature. For the sake of peace and safety, even cars are not allowed on the camping grounds. These are parked in a parking lot in front of the campsite, where you can use unique wagon carts for transporting personal belongings from the car to the tents. Because the campground is small, you are even allowed to barbecue with your own BBQ!

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Charmecamping Domaine Bleu Celeste

Domaine Bleu Celeste is located in central France, surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a charm campsite with only 12 spots in a beautiful spacious meadow of over 2 hectares. This ensures that you experience enormous peace and space. The campsite is suitable for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet. Families with small children will also have a great time. Older children can play table tennis and participate in the many activities in the area such as mountain biking, canoeing, etc. On Monday and Thursday evening there is the possibility to join us for dinner. A three-course menu is then served. In high season, a BBQ or pizza evening is organized. Meals are served in the cozy courtyard; la Place du Bonheur.

Ontdek Charmecamping Domaine Bleu Celeste

Domaine la Sauzette

At this campsite in the south of France you will find complete relaxation. The safari tents here are a bit higher and in the middle of nature, so you will experience a lot of privacy in your safari tent. There is also a new swimming pool. At the end of the day you can go there for table d'hotes, where you can enjoy an authentic French meal. The campsite is located 3 kilometers from the fortified city of Carcassonne, a medieval city and a real attraction.