Apr 24, 2024
Eva in 't Veld

Discover all that South Holland has to offer! We take you through the 10 best getaways in this beautiful region. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation or cultural experiences, Zuid-Holland has something for everyone. From bustling cities to sprawling landscapes and historic sites, discover what this region has to offer. Get inspired and plan your perfect vacation with Vodatent!

Day at the beach in Hoek van Holland
When the sun shines, a day at the beach in Holland is truly enjoyable. Whether you opt for a relaxing day of sunbathing or getting a breath of fresh air while walking along the coast, Hoek van Holland offers the perfect place. Along the beach you will find several cozy beach bars where you can settle down for a refreshing drink or a sumptuous lunch. And would you like to spend the night near Hoek van Holland? Then be sure to take a look at Strandcamping Jagtveld.

SnowWorld Zoetermeer
At SnowWorld Zoetermeer, you can enjoy winter sports fun all year round! With the steepest indoor slope in Europe, it is a real challenge to ski or snowboard here. Beginners can take lessons and experienced skiers can enjoy themselves at different levels. In addition to the snow fun, there is also a cozy bar and restaurant for relaxation.

Visit the Euromast
Would you like to go on an adventure as a tourist in your own country? There is plenty to do in Rotterdam! An absolute must-see is the Euromast, the iconic symbol of the city. From the top you can enjoy an amazing view of Rotterdam. And while you're there you can enjoy a high tea or dinner in the clouds! Would you like to spend the night near Rotterdam? Take a look at Camping de Krabbeplaat in Brielle.

Explore the enchanting world of water and wind at World Heritage Site Kinderdijk. Discover the ancient dikes and mills that have endured for more than 700 years! Step inside several mills and listen to the fascinating stories of the millers. Or explore the world heritage site from the water with a relaxing canal boat tour. At Kinderdijk, you'll learn plenty about the Dutch landscape and the rich history of water management and engineering.

The Keukenhof
The May vacation is just around the corner and the colorful tulips in the Keukenhof are in full bloom, making it a perfect time to visit this beautiful place! Enjoy a walk among the flowers, explore the area by bike or sail through the waters in a whisper boat. Also, don't forget to take a look at the historic 1892 mill, where you even have the chance to climb to the top. From the top, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view that you won't soon forget. Would you like to spend the night near the Keukenhof? Book your overnight stay at Camping de Hof van Eeden.

Blijdorp Zoo
Blijdorp Zoo, located in the heart of Rotterdam is definitely worth a visit. The atmosphere of the city completely disappears when you enter the different areas of the zoo, such as the African Plains, the African Jungle and the Asian Corridors. But the highlight is still the Oceanium. Walk through the Shark Tunnel, which takes you through the largest aquarium for fish species from the North Sea, and experience a breathtaking underwater adventure. 

At Madurodam, located in The Hague, you can discover the Netherlands to scale. Admire trains running through the landscape, learn all about the Kingdom of the Netherlands and even spot a miniature version of the Euromast. But there's more! Enjoy various attractions, such as "The Flying Dutch Man" or the challenge to defeat the "Waterwolf." Either way, there is plenty to see and do!

Archeon Museum Park
Enter the world of the past at the Archeon museum park. Discover prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages, all in one location. Archeon offers a lively experience where you can not only view history, but actually live it. From attending gladiatorial battles to enjoying a leisurely brunch, there is something for everyone. With several awards to its name, Archeon is a recognized destination for lovers of history and adventure. Still looking for an overnight stay near Archeon? Take a look at Camping de Oude Rijn or Camping de Speld.

CORPUS Journey through the human body
At CORPUS you take a spectacular "journey through the human body. Starting at the knee and ending in the brain, you will be surprised by the fascinating discoveries about the human body. After the journey, you can learn and discover even more in the interactive area where you can do various games and experiments. Want to spend the night nearby? Within 15 minutes you are at Camping de Hof van Eeden.

Theme Park Historyland
At Theme Park Historyland, travel millions of years back in time to the age of dinosaurs or the last Ice Age. Stand face to face with life-size replicas of mammoths, cave bears and saber-toothed cats and experience the cold of the Ice Age. a on an adventure and search for real fossils, or discover your skills in searching for gold. An exciting and educational adventure for young and old!