The ideal holiday destination

At a campsite aimed at older youth, teenagers have no shortage of action and excitement. With a range of exciting activities, from canoeing to survival courses, ping-pong or snooker games, and cosy evenings around the campfire or at the bar, they will experience a holiday full of adventures and new friendships will form. Here, teenagers find the perfect balance between action and relaxation, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our campsites are located throughout Europe, in the middle of nature and in special locations. Be endlessly inspired by our offer.

Teens on adventure

Adventure knows no age. From active outdoor activities to cozy evenings around a campfire, there's always something to experience. With fully equipped safari tents, teenagers can enjoy their holiday worry-free. Our campsites are located in beautiful natural environments, offering a new adventure every day. For teenagers, a vacation with Vodatent is an unforgettable experience full of fun and self-discovery.

Activities for young and old

There's something for everyone! Explore the surroundings on an e-chopper, go mountain biking on challenging trails, or push your limits on a survival course. Water lovers are also taken care of, with opportunities to canoe along the beautiful shore or paddleboard on one of the lakes. In short, there's something for every adventurer. Our animation teams provide entertainment, while older children can go their own way. On one of Vodatent's cozy campsites, fun for the whole family is guaranteed! Let the beautiful destinations inspire you and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vodatent. What will be your destination?