Sustainable vacationing

With an electric car, you cover many miles without burdening the environment, unlike a gasoline car. Moreover, at a campsite with a charging station you are assured of a reliable and easy way to charge your car. Choose a safari tent in the middle of nature and make your vacation even more environmentally friendly. Be endlessly inspired by our offer in 11 different countries in Europe.

Useful tips for on the road

If you are on the road with an electric car, it is of course handy to know where you can charge on the road. Use the ANWB Onderweg app or the updated ANWB Routeplanner to easily find all charging stations. Also, always make sure you have several charging passes with you, especially for longer trips. In addition, remember usual travel essentials such as environmental stickers, handy vacation gear and possibly winter tires. With Vodatent's packing list, you'll be perfectly prepared for your electric car trip!

Fast and simple charging

When you arrive at the campsite, the Vodatent safari tent is already waiting for you. All you have to do is unload your belongings and your vacation can begin immediately. As for your electric car, you don't have to worry. Many campsites have charging stations available, so you can easily and quickly charge your car and be sure of a full battery when you go exploring. Get inspired by the beautiful destinations and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vodatent. What will be your destination?