Horse riding on your glamping holiday

Animal lovers have also been thought of! Discover the magic of horse riding in nature. As a horse lover, you will discover places that are difficult to reach by car. At some cosy mini campsites and farm campsites you have the opportunity to rent a horse. At some campsites you can even bring your own horse. In both cases, you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday with the most beautiful rides around our campsites. Our campsites are located throughout Europe, surrounded by nature and in special locations. Be endlessly inspired by our offer.

Bringing your own buddy

At some campsites, you are welcome to bring your own horse on holiday. Discover the beautiful surroundings together on a special ride. Enjoy the freedom and the special bond you share with your horse at one of the campsites in the middle of nature. After a wonderful day outdoors, you can enjoy peace and relaxation in a comfortable safari tent from Vodatent.

A horse's paradise

At a number of campsites you can indulge in horse riding and even stable your own horse. Introduce the little ones to the world of horses, or enjoy this unique adventure yourself. Be inspired by the beautiful destinations and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vodatent. What will be your destination?