Glamping by the water

Experience the enchantment of camping by a picturesque lake or calming river. The fully equipped safari tents offer the perfect retreat by the water, where you and your companions will find all the comforts for a well-deserved vacation. Create memories together and savor the view over the water. While the little ones make new playmates along the waterfront, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Some of our fantastic campsites are situated directly by a lake or a river and are spread across Europe. Let our offerings inspire you endlessly.

Water fun for the little ones

At Vodatent, family fun is all about including the little ones. Our lovely campsites by a lake or a river offer playful water adventures. With shallow shores and special play areas, there's plenty of space for wading, building sandcastles, and playing adventurously. Need some time for yourself? The animation team regularly organizes fun activities by the water, where new friendships are formed.

An abundance of activities

At the waterfront glamping sites, there is water fun not only for the little ones but for all ages. Paddle in canoes along serene riverbanks, explore the coastline on your SUP board, or enjoy a refreshing swim. For the adventurers, there are thrilling water sports and challenging fishing spots. Let the beautiful destinations inspire you and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Vodatent. What will be your destination?