Combine glamping and a festival

Aug 3, 2023
Vodatent Tip
Femke Vingerling

Everyone is familiar with it. The overcrowded campsites at a festival. No regular showers and the entire weekend using portable toilets. Are you completely done with that and looking for a more comfortable approach? Then we have good news for you. Our safari tents are fully furnished and equipped with all the conveniences. If you're a bit older and still love a good party but no longer want to stay on a festival site like in the old days, then this is a perfect solution for you! Glamping and festivals are two worlds that come together and can create something truly beautiful.

Clean sanitary facilities

You know it well, a festival weekend and you'd rather not shower or use the bathroom than stand under those dirty showers and sit on the filthy toilets. If you're completely done with that, then we have the solution! Combine glamping with the festival you're attending. After a long festival day, retreat to your own Vodatent glamping tent. With clean sanitation, of course! And on some campsites, you even have the choice between shared sanitary facilities or private sanitary facilities in the tent! How nice is it to be able to enjoy your festival weekend without needing a thorough shower after just 2 days because you couldn't shower properly at the festival site? This is a win-win situation.

Bike rental and early check-in

Many of our campsites have bike rentals, which can be very convenient, especially if you plan to consume alcohol and need to get to another location! Just be sure to park and lock your rented bikes in a safe place since you're renting them from the campsite itself. Festivals often start early in the afternoon or even in the morning. In such cases, you may not have time to check in during the afternoon. You can request early check-in in the morning in coordination with us and the campsite. This way, you can head straight to your glamping tent for the upcoming night without worries.


Festivals can be intense for various reasons. Maybe you're a bit older or easily overwhelmed. In such cases, it's nice to have a peaceful retreat. With glamping tents on a campsite or holiday park, you have your own quiet space. No loud music or shouting people right next to your tent. Just make sure to also respect the peace and quiet of others when you return from the festival site. This way, you can get as much sleep as you need and start a new festival day feeling refreshed and in a good mood!

Fully equipped

At a campsite near the festival, you'll likely end up sleeping on an air mattress or a mat. These air mattresses often get punctured or deflated, causing discomfort. You won't have to worry about that when you go glamping. In a glamping tent, you'll sleep on a bed with a mattress and regular bedding. You'll also have a living area and a kitchen. Festival food can be quite expensive, and with the kitchen in your Vodatent, you can prepare your own meals or start the day with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Afterward, you can fully immerse yourself in the festival, enjoying a new day of fun!