Aug 3, 2023
Femke Vingerling

Horseback riding during your Vodatent vacation. Enjoy delightful outdoor rides, immerse yourself in the great outdoors, and discover places you can't reach by car or bike. Experience an unforgettable equestrian vacation with the most beautiful rides in the vicinity of the campsite. In short, horseback riding during your vacation is the ultimate enjoyment!

Camping and horse riding in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are many beautiful places where you can enjoy horse riding during your vacation. Often, various trekking and trail rides are organized in each province. You can go for a relaxing ride along the Zeeland coast, take a trail ride on the beach, and enjoy the beautiful sea. There are also several horse trails that run through the province. Or would you prefer a different type of landscape? You can find vast forests in Drenthe, and horse riding in the Veluwe is also highly recommended. At the end of the day, you'll want to rest. With a Vodatent safari tent, you don't have to set up a tent anymore and can relax immediately. Enjoy the outdoor camping experience with the comfort of home. Combine your horse riding vacation with glamping!

Horse riding at the campsite

There are several campgrounds in the Netherlands that offer horse riding options. These are often farm campsites with horses, where you can brush, cuddle, and feed the horses. Sometimes, there are horses available for riding. Take a lesson at the campsite or take the horse for a trail ride. In the Netherlands, there are miles of riding trails waiting to be explored.

Camping with a riding school

At a campsite with a riding school, you have the space to board your own horse, although there are not so many campsites with their own riding school. Sometimes you can also enjoy other horses there. For example, in campsites with horse riding as an option you can go for an outdoor ride with a horse from the campsite. In most cases you can enjoy the horses from our farm campsites, and in some cases you can also board your own horse. Even younger children can often help groom or feed the horses.

Camping and horse riding with Vodatent

At Vodatent, you can combine camping and horse riding. With a fully equipped safari tent, you don't need to set up a tent, leaving you more space to pamper your horse. You can start enjoying your vacation right away. The safari tents feature separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with inventory, and a terrace with an awning for relaxation. Additionally, some safari tents come with private bathrooms, so you don't have to walk to the communal facilities. Your horse will be accommodated in a stable on the campsite. If you're curious about where to stall your horse during your glamping vacation, please contact our customer service for the options.