The possibilities of a safari tent

Aug 3, 2023
Vodatent Tip
Joëlle van Weelden

Wonderful adventure camping in a tent, but with the comforts of home? Safari tents are the ideal accommodations to stay in when you want to be at one with nature and still maintain that luxurious feeling. But what does a safari tent actually entail? Vodatent has listed the most important points for you!

What safari tents are there?

There are a lot of different models when you look at safari tents. The biggest difference between the tents is the plumbing and size.

Safari tents without sanitary facilities, where you really get the camping feeling. These tents have beds and a living area. The larger a Basic tent, the more facilities are added. For example, multiple beds, a larger living area or a mobile kitchen to enjoy outdoor cooking/dining.

Safari tent with the basic plumbing, so you still get the real camping feeling, but with just that extra comfort. These tents have beds, a living area, a fixed kitchen with sink and a toilet.

Safari tent with everything you need in terms of sanitary facilities. These tents have beds, a living area, a fixed kitchen with sink and a fully equipped bathroom. These tents really give that luxurious feeling while waking up in nature.

How do you open a safari tent?

You can open the safari tent in two ways at the front.

For a narrower opening, suitable for the early and late season, for example, maneuver the two middle zippers upward. Then roll it up and attach it to the two black straps at the top. Now you have a narrow doorway, making it easy to get in and out of the tent and get some fresh air in.

When the weather is lovely and you want to fully enjoy the outdoors, you can also open the front of the safari tent wider. Just zipper up the middle and pull the flaps to the sides. You can fasten them with the black side straps. Now you can fully enjoy the nature around you and view the beautiful surroundings while allowing the tent to air out.

Safari tent windows

The windows of the safari tent are fixed to the inside of the tent (convenient in case of rain) and can be adjusted in three ways.

  1. You can roll the windows all the way up, leaving only the mosquito net. This provides some air flow and gives that ultimate outdoor feeling.
  2. Is it a little colder? Then only roll up the dark screen. This gives you all the beautiful natural light in your Safari tent, without the cold from outside.
    When you want a romantic and cozy evening in the tent, you can also 
  3. leave everything closed, making the tent atmospherically dark.


Sitting outside with a cup of coffee or a cold drink is the ultimate vacation feeling! Thanks to the veranda that comes with each Safari tent, you can sit outside with the family and enjoy all the beauty that the campsite and its surroundings have to offer. The Safari tent Basic even has a mobile kitchenette, so you can cook outside on the spacious veranda and enjoy all the goodies. The children also have plenty of room to play here, while you can keep an eye on them. After the end of a long day, it is also the perfect place to have a nice chat and look at the beautiful starry sky.