Tips for your car vacation

Aug 8, 2023
Joëlle van Weelden

Are we there yet? How much longer? Pff, another traffic jam? Going on vacation by car is often trickier than it seems. Sitting in a small space for hours together, boredom sets in and restlessness begins to set in. This, of course, is not how you want to start your vacation. In this blog you will read our favorite tips for a successful trip.

Original games for on the road

To make the journey feel less long, it's important to have some distractions. There are plenty of classic games you can play on the road, like "I Spy" or discussing all the fun things you'll do on vacation. You can also use a car seat organizer as a toy bag, so the kids can grab their toys themselves and keep themselves entertained. If boredom strikes, create a fun road trip bingo card in advance. Fill it in with things you might come across on the road, like a fast car or a specific city. Cross off the items you encounter, and when you get bingo, win a tasty treat. This way, traveling becomes even more fun! Ultimately, the most important thing is to remain calm and not bicker or stress. Try to stay in that vacation mood. When inspiration and energy are truly depleted, there's always the option for some screen time.


Taking several breaks and stopping multiple times splits the journey into shorter segments. Have a meal together and stretch your legs with a short walk. Grab some tasty snacks at the gas station or visit a nearby playground. Some fresh air never hurts and it provides distraction from the long car ride. The advantage of a road trip is that you can decide when and where to stop. Take a different route and explore interesting places. If you have an excessively long journey and need some rest, you can always stop and spend the night at a stopover campsite.

Nighttime Departure

If you depart in the evening, most children will sleep for the majority of the journey. The excitement usually wears off after the first hour, and by the time it's late, their eyes will quickly close. This saves a lot of stress for the children (and parents!). When they wake up, you're almost at your destination or you've at least covered a significant portion of the journey. It's also less crowded on the road at night, which is certainly a nice advantage.