What is Glamping?

Aug 8, 2023
Joëlle van Weelden

Do you love camping but still want that comfortable feeling of home? Are you fond of nature but prefer not to have nature inside your sleeping place? And do you also find it so tiring to set up everything after such a long journey? Then glamping is for you!

What exactly is Glamping?

The meaning of glamping is quite literally 'glamorous camping'. This means that you can enjoy camping while avoiding the extra effort. It's a way of camping where you have all the comfort you desire while still having that adventurous camping experience. Do you want to maintain the true camping experience without too many extra frills? You can! Or do you prefer waking up comfortably in your own private shower with a view of the beautiful nature? That's possible too! You can decide to what extent you want the 'glamping' experience.

What is the biggest difference from 'regular' camping?

The biggest difference between 'regular' camping and 'glamping' is that everything is ready for you. No hassle of setting up your tent and bringing extra gear in the car; everything is already provided. In some glamping accommodations, there is also sanitary facilities available, so you don't have to use public showers and toilets, and everything is within reach. Furthermore, there are beds in the glamping accommodations, which means you can leave those air mattresses at home and sleep comfortably in a bed amidst nature. In short, all the comfort adds that extra 'vacation feeling' to the camping experience.

Advantages of Glamping:

  1. Your accommodation is fully set up upon arrival, allowing you to start your vacation immediately.
  2. You need to pack fewer items since most essentials are already provided in the Glamping accommodation.
  3. Most accommodations come with private bathroom facilities.
  4. Comfortable beds ensure a good night's sleep, an essential part of any vacation.
  5. You enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience of camping while having the comforts of home.
  6. Glamping offers an original and remarkable lodging experience.
  7. You have ample space and freedom, allowing you to completely unwind.

Types of Accommodations

When you go glamping, you can choose from various types of accommodations. There is a perfect sleeping and living space for everyone.

The safari tents are very popular and in demand because they truly give you that camping experience. You sleep in an actual tent but with all the amenities. Choose from different models and decide how luxurious you want the experience to be.

For those who love camping but shiver at the word 'tent,' the Sun Lodge is ideal. It's a small cabin with all the amenities: a private kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable beds. These accommodations also feature a covered veranda, allowing you to sit outside even in bad weather.

Do you love simplicity and efficiency? Then this tent is ideal. For instance, if you're on a journey and looking for a cute and cozy place to sleep, the Duo Lodge is perfect. It provides the essential amenities for a good night's rest, allowing you to continue your journey well-rested the next day.

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