The Big Five

Aug 3, 2023
Femke Vingerling

Our own African Big Five, the big five of the Veluwe. For every nature lover a "must see". A collection of, the name says it all, five animals that you can encounter and are characteristic of the beautiful nature in the Netherlands. Once you decide to go on a trip, it is simply enjoyable. Chances are that you will encounter plenty of wild life. It is recommended to put on your shoes early in the morning or later in the evening, when the animals are at their most active and the chances of spotting one are highest.

Highland cow

The Highlander is one of the beautiful animals that graze on the Veluwe. Easy to recognize by its long hair and hefty horns. Although they are not known for aggressive behavior, it is helpful to keep wide distances. These animals roam all over the Veluwe.

Roe deer

The most common deer-like animal in the Netherlands; the roe deer. They are difficult to spot because of their camouflaged skin, especially when they are grazing in tall grass. The males lose their antlers every autumn, these grow back in the spring of the next year. So if you have lots of luck, you may be able to find some beautiful antlers somewhere. These animals like to roam in open areas, such as meadows.

Red deer

The red deer is the largest deer-like animal found in the Netherlands. The antlers of these animals can weigh up to 12 kilograms. Around September, males leave their pack and go in search of a female. During these times it is common for deer to get into fights with each other. These animals roam all over the Veluwe.

Wild boar

The wild boar was absent from the Veluwe for a while due to overhunting, but fortunately has made its full return. If you want to spot these animals, you have to be prepared, because the boars are usually active at night. Also, you will have to be very careful, because they are very shy and flee at the slightest sound. These animals roam mainly at night in the Veluwe.


The fox is a tricky animal to spot. It is quite shy and is mainly active at night and in the evening hours. It is one of the few predators in the Netherlands and hunts mainly small animals such as mice and rabbits. Not the entire menu of the fox consists of meat by the way, they are also lovers of such things as berries and fruits. These animals mainly roam the Veluwe at night.