Top 5 outings in the Achterhoek

Aug 8, 2023
Femke Vingerling

The Achterhoek is known for its endless hiking and cycling routes. The landscape is very diverse, and the residents are hospitable and friendly. In addition to the peaceful aspects of the Achterhoek, the region also offers more active activities. The Achterhoek is also known for Zwarte Cross, which is the region's party of the year. We have listed the best outings that will enhance your vacation in this blog

1. De Gorsselse Heide

Until 2009 the Gorsselse Heide was a military training area but currently it is a wet heath area in the Achterhoek. The nature reserve offers a combination between forests, ponds and heathland. With 120 hectares of hiking area, the Gorsselse Heide is a great natural area to take a walk!

2. Maze Ruurlo

The largest and longest maze in Europe is located in Ruurlo. Should you manage to find the exit in one go you will have walked a total of 2 kilometers! On the route to the exit are rebus assignments made, these will help you find your way. At Doolhof Ruurlo it is also possible to shoot a bow. In other words, an adventurous day out in Ruurlo.

3. Grolsch Brewery

There is only one beer the Achterhoeker drinks; Grolsch. Grolsch beers can be recognized by the unique green swing-top bottles. What could be more fun than seeing how these unique beers are made? Nothing! Then be sure to stop by the Grolsch Brewery to taste this Achterhoek glory, and of course take advantage of the guided tour.

4. Zutphen

In the center of Zutphen, you'll feel like you're almost in the Middle Ages. The city's nickname, the "Torenstad" (Tower City), is well-deserved. It's delightful to stroll through the Hanseatic city of the Achterhoek, taking in the churches, towers, and waterways. After your walk, you can sit at a cozy terrace to enjoy a meal. If you're interested in culture, Zutphen has two museums. At the Stedelijk Museum Zutphen and the Museum Henriette Polak, you can learn about the history of Zutphen and view modern-classical art.

5. Het Land van Jan Klaassen

Jan Klaassen's Land is the perfect place to take your children for a day out! Here, children can play safely and peacefully. Het Land van Jan Klaassen offers an indoor playground, a puppet theater, a maze, and a water playground. In addition to the standard facilities, there are also events with specific themes like Halloween and Easter.