Top 5 outings in the Veluwe National Park

Aug 2, 2023
Femke Vingerling

The Veluwe has multiple opportunities and activities to have an unforgettable family vacation. When you think of the Veluwe, nature is often the first thing that comes to someone's mind. Of course this is also something you must have seen and done if you choose to spend your vacation here but there are many more activities than just admiring nature. We would like to give some suggestions below.

1. Apenheul

We believe that everyone has probably heard of the Apenheul, but not everyone dares to visit it. It's one of the few parks where the monkeys roam freely, and you can observe them from very close. Spending a whole day "monkey-watching" is undoubtedly a hit with the kids, but it's also a fantastic outing for adults. Just make sure you keep your belongings securely stored because the animals can sometimes get mischievous and play with your stuff! You can also watch a show here where the gorillas are being fed because, of course, they don't roam freely. It's an extremely special outing to go to with the whole family. This experience will stay with everyone for a long time!

2. Themed hike

As I mentioned earlier, you can't miss out on enjoying the beautiful nature of the Veluwe. However, it can be a bit challenging to go on a good hike with children. Children often find this boring and want to go back home quickly. Fortunately, there's a way to make it much more enjoyable for them! The gnome trail in Hoenderloo is perfect for taking a lovely hike while keeping the kids entertained. Children can dress up with a pointy hat and boots and go out into nature with the whole family. Along the way, you'll complete various tasks that make following the gnome trail even more fun.

3. A journey on an old steam train

Children are always fascinated when they get to travel by train. How much more exciting would it be to ride in a real steam train? Board the train in Apeldoorn and journey through the Veluwe countryside to Dieren. Along the way, you'll make stops in places like Beekbergen and Eerbeek, and you'll ride in an authentic steam train. This family outing is organized by the Veluwe Steam Train Company, which owns several historic steam locomotives. This unique experience will be the talk of the day. It's something you don't get to do very often!

4. Watermuseum

A museum where you only obtain information by reading is not exactly an ideal family outing. Children's attention spans are simply too short for that. The Water Museum in Arnhem believes that when children learn something interactively, it sticks with them much longer! Learn all about water and engage in activities related to water, such as making your own shampoo or toothpaste. In addition to the standard experiments, there are regular exhibitions that are also very enjoyable for teenagers. This way, children learn more about water and everything related to it in a playful manner!

5. Julianatoren

The amusement park of the region where you have plenty to experience. This park is especially fun for the younger children in the family. It is a park that is enjoyable for children up to about 12 years old. Nevertheless, there is plenty to do in this park, including a Ferris wheel, various roller coasters, and theater shows. The different characters in the park let the imagination run wild. Of course, we have the two most famous mice, Jul and Julia the Mouse, but also the friends of the mice. A great way to spend the day that will bring a lot of joy is Julianatoren This is the amusement park you must visit at least once!

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