What makes Denmark a great holiday destination?

Aug 8, 2023
Femke Vingerling

When you think of a holiday destination, you often think of France, Italy, or Germany. However, there are many other countries that are fantastic to visit and explore. Fun for young and old, where you can experience things that are different from what you're used to. Denmark is one such country. But what makes this country so special and enjoyable? We've researched that for you below!

The unique nature in Denmark

You might have a somewhat dull idea of the country Denmark. If you enjoy vacationing in countries with beautiful nature, then Denmark is the perfect choice for you! You won't find high mountain peaks or steep cliffs, but there are many other things you won't see elsewhere. On the island of Møn, you can find chalk cliffs, and in the north of Jutland, there's a small piece of desert. Additionally, there are vast agricultural fields that allow you to see for miles. Denmark also boasts an incredibly long coastline with sandy beaches. In some places, you can even drive your car onto the beach! Because Denmark is situated further north, the days are longer in the summer. The sun rises earlier and sets later than you might be used to.

Cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense

A city trip is the perfect way to complete your vacation. Admire Danish design, discover trendy coffee shops, and experience the activities for which the city is famous. The vibrant capital, Copenhagen, has various neighborhoods, each with its own atmosphere. There is plenty to do and see in the city, whether you opt for culture, shopping on Strøget, or prefer active pursuits. With the city's rich history, there's something for everyone. The city of Aarhus is a popular destination due to its mix of old culture and a modern city center. Aarhus has something to offer for everyone and is known as the city of smiles. Odense on the island of Funen is Denmark's third-largest city. The city is most famous as the birthplace of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Odense is rich in museums and other attractions. In Denmark, you'll find very charming cities, each with its own character and allure.

Child-Friendly Vacation Destination

Denmark is extremely welcoming to children. There are plenty of family-friendly activities that kids will enjoy. Just the endless beaches where you can build sandcastles or swim in the crystal blue waters. You can also spot seals at Limfjord, go on a whale safari in Middelfart, and travel back in time at historical castles. Fun museums and amusement parks like the world-famous Legoland Billund make the vacation incredibly child-friendly! Plus, the travel time to Denmark is not terribly long, so you can often reach your destination in just one day of driving. It's hard to find a destination more child-friendly than Denmark.

Danish Ice Cream

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, people often think of Italy when it comes to vacation destinations. The same goes for ice cream. Isn't Italian ice cream the best? Well, you haven't been to Denmark! Danes eat ice cream every day, whether it's raining or even freezing. There's an ice cream shop on every street corner. The daily servings are the size of a full meal, much larger than in most countries! You can also top your ice cream with various treats. How about something like a marshmallow, colorful meringues, a generous dollop of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, or a sweet jam? There's more to experience than you might think. That's Denmark for you.