Staycation in the Netherlands

Aug 3, 2023
Marit Veringmeier

Fancy a vacation, but prefer not to go too far? No hassle with airplanes, foreign languages and all that extra preparation? Then a staycation is for you! A staycation in your own country is a fun way to enjoy your vacation.

What is a staycation?

You may have seen the term staycation, but what is it? The word gives it away: 'stay' is the English term for residence and 'vacation', you probably guessed it, is the English term for vacation. So this 'stay vacation' is actually a vacation in your own country or just while you're snug in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for planning original getaways and discovering fun places in your own country.

Benefits of a staycation in the Netherlands

Now you may be thinking, why should I stay in my own country instead of leaving for that sun-drenched vacation country abroad? Well, for one thing, it's much less hassle. When you are on vacation you want to get away from the busy and tiring daily grind and enjoy yourself as much as possible without too much stress. No long queues at the airport, stress about getting there on time or long traffic jams on Black Saturday (bah). You travel to your destination in no more than 3 hours (or not at all if you stay at home) and can start your vacation right away! In doing so, you can discover places in the Netherlands you might never have visited otherwise. After all, you don't have to travel to the other side of the world to take beautiful Instagram snapshots, those places are closer than you think! What also saves with a staycation, is that the costs are not too high, and be honest, who doesn't like that?

Unforgettable places

Great places for a staycation in the Netherlands The Netherlands may be a small country, but there are many wonderful places you should definitely visit once! Here are a few great places in a row:

Are you looking for the calm and beautiful nature? Then take a look at the beautiful Veluwe. Here you will find different types of landscapes, from beautiful forests to flowering moors and even a sand drift. It is also one of the few places in the Netherlands with hills and beautiful viewpoints. It is also possible to explore this area by dog, horseback or bicycle. There are plenty of beautiful bike trails nearby. Looking for more excitement? You can also ride a mountain bike through the forests. Looking for the peace and quiet yourself? Relax at the wellness resort, the Zwaluwhoeve, or go fishing (for trout). Unwind at a nice, cozy campsite nearby.

Do you love exploring beautiful cities? Do you love walking through shopping streets and visiting boutiques? Then the city of Delft is a must see! An ancient ring of canals, world-famous pottery, churches of national importance and surprising museums. Add to this the historic streets with the nicest stores, squares and cozy cafes and you have the picture of Delft complete. There is so much to experience in this historic city!

The Elfstedentocht, skating in general but also water sports are popular in this province. Therefore, in many places you can rent boats or skates. When you go to Friesland in the post-season, you can also visit various skating competitions. These are held in the famous Thialf. Finally, you can go mudflat hiking in Friesland at the Wadden Sea. This protected area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is therefore a unique experience. Near here you can also glamp!

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