May 17, 2023
Joëlle van Weelden

Drenthe offers something for everyone looking for a fun day out. Those seeking adventure can visit various animal and amusement parks, but Drenthe also has plenty of history to offer for those interested. With numerous excursions and activities to choose from, it can be challenging to decide. Vodatent suggests 5 popular outings you can do in Drenthe!

1. Wildlands Adventure Zoo

Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen was established when Dierenpark Emmen moved to its current location. During the move, the park received a new name. This animal park has different themes. There's a savannah area with lions and giraffes, a polar region with polar bears and penguins, a jungle area with monkeys and elephants, and a large playground. Wildlands Adventure Zoo features spacious enclosures with large groups of animals, making it appear as if the animals are living in their natural habitats. Will you join the journey through the jungle?

2. Slagharen Amusement Park

Although Slagharen Amusement Park is just across the border in Overijssel, we make an exception because this park should not be missing in the top 5 of the most enjoyable outings. It's still colloquially called Ponypark Slagharen. In the original holiday park, visitors were given a Shetland pony with a cart during their stay. Now, the park has grown into an amusement park with more than 30 attractions, divided into the themes of Indian, Yellowstone, New Orleans, Mexican, Wild West, and Jules Verne. There's a free fall ride, a log flume, Ripsaw Falls, and a swinging ship, The Pirate. The rollercoaster Gold Rush is a thrill-seeker's dream. You'll have an unforgettable day at Slagharen Amusement Park with the whole family!

3. Westerbork 

Camp Westerbork sheds light on one of the least pleasant aspects of Dutch and Drenthe history. Originally, this camp was built by the government before World War II to accommodate Jews who had fled from Germany. However, when the Germans took it over, it was quickly repurposed for deportations. Here, you can relive the stories of those times through a guided tour or a special audio tour narrated by people who were interned in the camp. In addition, there are various exhibitions to explore, and, of course, you can see the monuments, such as the National Monument Westerbork and the Resistance Monument.

4. Hunebed Centre Borger

The Hunebed Centre Borger brings the prehistoric era back to life near the largest dolmen in the Netherlands! Here, the story of dolmens and their builders is told. How and why were dolmens built? You will learn it all during the exhibitions held in the museum. Prehistoric excavations are interspersed with interactive videos and reconstructions, allowing you to relive history to the fullest. The Hunebed Centre Borger is also fun for children because the stories about the dolmens are playfully told through the eyes of Oek, the child of the dolmen builders.

5. TT Circuit Assen

The TT Circuit Assen is, of course, world-famous due to the MotoGP event. Every year, well-known names like Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi, and Jorge Lorenzo race by on the fastest motorcycles in the world, giving you as a fan the opportunity to experience this up close. Throughout the year, other motorcycle races are also held, and events with Italian cars and motorcycles, for example, are organized. On non-event days, it's possible to take a behind-the-scenes look during a guided tour of the circuit.